Do You Need A Divorce Support Group?

Do You Need A Divorce Support Group?

In my job as a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, I wear many hats. While I enjoy helping clients through the legal aspects of their divorce, I often find myself providing support through the process. Just as I stay current on issues related to the law, I also like to read relevant and topical information on coping with the divorce process. There are many great resources from typical shelf-help books to an abundance of articles on websites.

“I need support to help me get through my divorce” is a statement clients often say to me.

During your divorce process it is critical to take care of your mental and emotional health. Most find the legal and personal process of untangling lives to be very stressful. How you cope with and manage your stress can have ramifications on every aspect of your life and even effect your children. So it is important to put supports in place that will help you through the process.

Recently, I have been seeing many articles on divorce support groups and I have done some research that I think it is important for all divorcing people to keep in mind when looking for support.

By joining a group you quickly realize that you are not alone and you may find great solace in the comfort of strangers. Many clients have expressed to me over the years that they do not have any friends and family members who are divorced. A divorce group may be a great ways to find peers going through the process.

When participating in a group, you can sit and listen to the perspective of others and gain insights you might not have thought about before. While your divorce will be a very personal experience filled with unique circumstances, it is helpful to hear the stories of others who are moving through similar issues. Additionally, if you have children, you may hear many great ideas on how to handle issues specific to single parents.

There are several groups that are surfacing and starting to actively advertise online. You can look at websites and see which ones are operating in your area. You may even want to travel a bit of a distance if you think you may be uncomfortable in your immediate area.

As a divorce attorney my job is protect your future, and provide support as you go through the New Jersey Divorce process. If you have any questions at this time, please feel free to call our office and make an appointment for a free consultation. We are happy to help you through this time so you walk into the best post-divorce life possible.


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