Divorce Lawyer. Client. Communication. Essential!

Divorce Lawyer. Client. Communication. Essential!

As a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, I feel one of my greatest strengths is communicating with my client. While this might sound like one of those, “no kidding Ed,” type comments, many folks would be amazed at how often New Jersey Divorce Attorneys do not truly communicate with their clients (or potential clients). It is common for an individual who is considering divorce to meet with a number of divorce attorneys before making a final decision. I am proud to say that, more often than not, I am the lawyer that they choose. Many times, my new client then shares with me the reasons why. Let’s explore further.

1. I Listen

I am often told that I am the only divorce lawyer that they met who truly listened to what they had to say. I pay attention to what their goals and hopes are as well as their fears and concerns. Some clients want a peaceful settlement but the lawyer they met with previously kept talking about being aggressive. Other times (especially when adultery is involved), the new client is not interested in “playing nice.” However, the prior attorney keeps talking about how they shall strive for an amicable resolution. Now, while I am a proponent of peaceful settlements (especially when kids are involved) I understand that when the wound is still fresh, the client does not want to hear about how I am going to play patty-cake with our adversary. Listening. Something that is so simple yet eludes many of my colleagues. It makes me think of that old book, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” Politely listen, remain engaged and then react in a manner that shows that you were truly paying attention.


2. I Speak So I Am Understood

Far too many divorce attorneys love to hear themselves speak. Too many divorce lawyers are too busy trying to “impress” their prospective client by using fancy Latin terms and legalese. One problem, your potential client does not know what you are talking about! As far as I am concerned the “name of the game” is taking the complex and breaking it down so anyone can understand it. This is exceptionally important as a New Jersey divorce lawyer as most times the individual is extremely emotional and distracted. Most clients simply want to know how you can help them and what they should expect. Therefore, we always discuss the process of obtaining a New Jersey divorce and the different steps and options. They are not looking to be impressed with legal jargon and no one likes to be spoken down to. I address my audience but I treat each and every potential client with the equal respect.

Well, I am pleased to report that my theory works and I have a track record to back it up. If you or a loved one is even just considering a divorce, please have them give me a call. This New Jersey divorce lawyer shall explain everything, plain and simple.


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