Are More New Jersey Divorces Filed in January?

Are More New Jersey Divorces Filed in January?

In a word the answer is, absolutely. In my nearly 20 years as a New Jersey Divorce Attorney, I have first hand knowledge of this reality. Year after year January is an extremely busy month at my office with many Complaints being filed by my office with the New Jersey divorce courts. Moreover, thanks to the reports that I receive from Google Analytics, I have data that further verifies this reality. To wit, my NJ Divorce Lawyer web site receives a great amount of activity over the holidays and then the calls and emails start pouring in upon the change in the calendar. Let’s explore why.


First, if a family has children it is common for one or both spouses with “wait it out” through the holidays. Many people do not want their children disturbed during this delicate and precious time of year. Also, many folks would like one last “normal” holiday before they venture into the unknown of co-parenting as divorced parents.

Second, another reason is that the period from Thanksgiving through the New Year is an emotional one, to say the least. Let’s look at it this way; even intact, happy families confront stress and anxiety during the holidays. If a marriage is “on the rocks,” the pressures that the holidays generate can push one or both spouses over the edge. Countless divorce clients over the years have stated when hiring me in January that I am their “New Year’s Resolution.” Others have told me that they were having their doubts but the holidays convinced them that they no longer want to be with their spouse. Then the calendar turns and they finally come to terms with this difficult life decision.

Many people use the New Year as a starting point to change their lives for the better. If you are unhappy and wondering what your rights are if you decide to pursue a divorce, please do not hesitate to call my office at (732) 783-5588 or email my office at


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