What is the best way for you to handle your New Jersey Divorce?

What is the best way for you to handle your New Jersey Divorce?

What is the best way for you to handle your New Jersey Divorce?


After nearly 20 years of being a New Jersey divorce attorney, I have seen many people makes mistakes that, many times, have a major impact on their case. Accordingly, I have prepared a list of tips to follow based upon my many experiences as a New Jersey divorce lawyer. Let’s explore.

1. Please tell me the truth. I understand that emotions are running high which can cause unnecessary embarrassment over essential facts to the case. However, for reason that should be obvious, I need to know any potential problems with the case in order to strategize moving forward. I tell some of my clients (who I suspect to be withholding certain facts) that I am never want to be surprised while on my feet in from of a New Jersey family judge. That is begging for trouble. Of course on the other hand, I may have figure out a way to use certain facts that I may then leverage and can use to my advantage in negotiations.

I often say to client, “if you go to the doctor and fail to tell them everything, it is
likely they will not be able to cure you.” That analogy usually resonates.

2. Do your homework. Before you come to my office, I always recommend becoming, “an expert on your money.” If child custody may be an issue in the divorce, I advise my client’s to begin a journal of daily events regarding the children an their welfare. If the other parent’s behavior is not in the best interests of the children, this journal can become essential if a custody battle ensues.

I often tell client’s, “With so much going on during a divorce, you would be surprised at what you may forget.” Please keep a journal
3. Prepare a budget. This is especially important for soon-to-be custodial parents. It is important to have a general idea before meeting with your attorney what your standard of living is. How much money do you need to survive? If you have children, how much money do you all need to survive upon a divorce?

4. Please be responsive. The essence of any relationship is communication. Failure to communicate with my office can only lead to trouble for your case. While I appreciate that this a difficult time of life, please let’s not make it worse be the inevitable folly that shall occur if we are not communicating.

5. Unless there is constant arguing and bickering, it is best to communicate with your spouse. This is especially true if you have children. This way, the kids’ routines shall not be interrupted, as mom and dad are still co-parenting as a team as opposed to enemies. The more the two parents get along, the benefits for your children abound.

Finally, if you and your spouse can be civil with one another, with the guidance of a New Jersey Divorce Attorney, many of your financial issues can be surprisingly easy to work out. At the Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein, we always provide advice that is constructive towards a cordial global settlement of your case. While I am certainly aware that an amicable resolution is not always possible, peace is always the way to go.


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