Determining Child Support in New Jersey

Determining Child Support in New Jersey

There are a number of required factors in determining child support in New Jersey cases. To calculate child support a parent will be asked for financial information in order to find the most equitable child support result on both sides. 

An experienced child support attorney knows that the age of someone’s child can impact a support calculation. If an initial child support order is awarded when the child is older than 12 years old, the child support can be increased to compensate across an age range.

Impact of Initial Support

If the belief is that once the child reaches the age of 12, they are extra expensive just because of their age. The initial child support award is increased by 14.6 percent and all of this is done through a program or an algorithm. You put in all this information, you check a box essentially that says  that the child is over 12 and it will increase the child support for that. However, that is only the case if the initial child support order is entered when the child is older than 12 years old.

Understanding Allocated Support Cases

Allocated support is the kind of award a parent must pay when there is multiple children. Normal child support guidelines are unallocated, which means that a parent is given an award. However if one out of three children is emancipated the award will be recalculated.

Usually, the award does not end up being two thirds of the initial support. Sometimes it is a little bit less and sometimes it is a little bit more, depending on the income at the time of the modification. When determining child support in New Jersey there is always a chance of modification. Allocated support often comes from an agreement with the party if it is written in a previous order such as a marital settlement agreement.

What is Not Included in a Support Payment?

In determining child support in New Jersey, certain activities are not included such as ummer camp, extra tutoring, and extracurricular activities like karate or dance are not included. College is not included but the guidelines are used to calculate child support if the child is commuting to college.

Special footwear for sports is also not included in a support award. Health insurance for the child is not included but a person does get credit for that if a person does include it when calculated with guidelines. If a child has health care expenses exceeding $250, that is not included as well because that generally gets split between the parties.

If you or another parent/guardian are interested in learning more about how child support is determined in New Jersey, contact a skilled family law attorney. Legal counsel can help you seek an agreement that can benefit the future of your family. 


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