Gay Marriage; The Future is Now!

Gay Marriage; The Future is Now!

Same-sex marriages became the law of the land in the State of New Jersey since October 21, 2013.  As an experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney, I cannot say I was surprised.  In fact, this is exactly what I expected.  While my friends like to kid me about, “how much more business I shall now receive, I have a more serious outlook on this issue.  Over the past few years, I have noticed that since the Internet and social media has taken a solid grip on our culture.  To that end, cultural issues that have lain dormant for many years have suddenly gained great momentum, and gay marriage is one of them.  Let’s take a closer look at this new trend.

On January 26th, thirty-four couples were married on live television at The Grammys. Of those thirty-four lucky couples to have their marriage debuted on the big screen, seventeen were gay. This was the first major televised event in our nation’s history that illustrated open acceptance to the legalization of gay marriage. And support from idolized figure-heads like Madonna, Mackelmore, Ryan Lewis, and Queen Latifah didn’t hurt either!      

Currently, seventeen states plus Washington D.C. allow gay couples to legally marry. But that is just the beginning. Talks of legalization in many other states are occurring as opinion polls increasingly reveal an overwhelming American support for gay marriage. Recently in Indiana, lawmakers attempted to have a bill passed that would ban gay marriage in the state’s constitution. Despite modest support, the bill was immediately shut down. Since the rest of the nation is headed in the direction of supporting gay marriage, it would only be embarrassing to Indiana to do such a foolish thing.

The push for legalization of gay marriage is all around us; in movies, books, the news, and most recently in hit television shows. From Modern Family to Meet the Fosters, legal gay marriage is being embraced on network TV every week. The shows not only portray legally married gay couples, but all of the rights they now have since they can legally be married.Modern Family dedicated an entire episode last season to Cam and Mitchell’s proposal and legal ceremony. The episode aired immediately after DOMA was deemed unconstitutional; a landmark victory for the gay community.

With the increased exposure to gay marriage in the media, it is becoming the new normal throughout the nation. Although not every state is on board with the way the country is changing, change in inevitable. As the states continue to legalize gay marriage, the Law Office of Edward R. Weinstein will keep you updated on this hot topic.


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