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How Is Child Support Determined For The
How Is Child Support Determined For The "Rich and Famous" In New Jersey?

Michael Strahan is a retired Hall of Fame football player and now a host of the popular morning news show, Good Morning America. However, he and his wife divorced after a notoriously messy trial in 2006 and was ordered to pay $18,000 per month in child support. However on ...

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Blog posts in February, 2018

  • How Does My Lawyer Defend A Pendente Lite Motion Filed Against Me?

    As a divorce attorney, motions for pendente lite relief are very common. These motions are filed while a New Jersey divorce is still occurring. The ...

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  • How Do Medicaid, Medicare and Veteran’s Benefits Affect My New Jersey Divorce?

    With a combined 50 years of experience at my divorce law firm here in New Jersey, our attorneys often get involved in matters that involve not only ...

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  • Does My Spouse Have A Claim To My Deferred Compensation In A New Jersey Divorce?

    As a divorce attorney I am well aware that, generally speaking, the equal distribution of property is divided based on each party’s contributions to ...

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  • How Should My Lawyer Prepare A Motion For Pendente Lite Relief?

    As a divorce lawyer with a law firm in East Brunswick, New Jersey for the past few decades, my associate attorneys and I have filed countless motions ...

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  • How Does Child Support and Alimony Work When Our Divorce is Not Over Yet?

    I have been asked this exact question countless times during my career as a New Jersey Divorce Attorney . I shall now share with you how I answer this ...

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  • Child Custody and Relocation of the Children Out Of The State of New Jersey: An Example

    Throughout my years as a child custody and divorce lawyer, I have handled many cases involving folks who want to permanently remove the children from ...

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  • Awarding Child Support in Monmouth County

    Parents in Monmouth County have an obligation to provide financial support for their children and are expected to contribute to a child’s care, ...

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  • If Assets Are “Frozen” In A New Jersey Divorce Court Order, Does It Apply To Third Parties?

    No. If a New Jersey Divorce Court generates an order restraining both husband and wife from dissipating certain assets, it does not apply to any third ...

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  • If A Grandparent Obtains Custody By Consent Of The Parent’s, Are They Treated The Same As The Natural Parents?

    Yes. A grandparent typically has much lesser rights than the natural parents. However, in my over 20 years as a child custody lawyer (located in my ...

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