Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

If you or your children are suffering from any type of physical or verbal abuse, you need to act quickly to protect the physical and mental health of yourself and those you love. Abuse, in whatever form, can have long-term serious negative consequences, so first and foremost, find confidential and safe harbor. Then contact a family law attorney to quickly put appropriate legal protections in place, most importantly filing an application for a New Jersey restraining order. From the moment you contact your office we can start protecting, so please call us as soon as the trouble starts.

Our expert attorneys can help you find legal safe haven under The New Jersey Domestic Violence Act for the best possible outcome to end the violence controlling and damaging your life. Without proper legal maneuvering, abusive parents can get custody of their children, remain in your home, and continue to inflict harm on you and your children. The abusers must be stopped and our aggressive representation can fight for your safety, call us today so we can make this happen for you.

Under the law, domestic violence is committed by a person who has been close to you in your life including: a spouse, or ex-spouse, members of your household (past and current), any current or former boyfriend or girlfriend, or the parent of your children (or expected child). You do not need to be legally related to or currently living with an abuser to qualify for protection under this law.

Domestic violence comes in many forms and can range from physical and sexual assault, to verbal, emotional and physical abuse. Simple or aggravated assault, harassment and terroristic threats, are also considered violent acts.

In order to maximize the protection of the New Jersey Domestic Violence Act, you need a lawyer with experience in handling these cases. There is great urgency to file the appropriate forms, inform authorities, and help you put the necessary steps in place to remove you and your loved ones from harm's way.

Most commonly, an application for a restraining order is filed. While the reasons vary from case to case, this protection can limit and prevent an abuser from contact and even specify limits on activity near and around a particular person. In addition to specifying that abuse must stop, these orders can severely restrict and place conditions around an abusers parenting time and stipulate that an abuser seek and receive treatment for addiction, anger, or classes on parenting.

Often we see clients who are concerned because the provisions of a restraining order are not being followed. These violations of restraining orders need to be taken seriously and should be brought to the attention of the court immediately for further attention and protection.

"Someone has filed a restraining order against me".

If someone has filed an application for a restraining order against you, and you are required to appear in court, it is critical for you to have an experienced attorney on your side to protect your legal rights. This is one area of the law where the law requires little evidence of accusations and without proper representation you find yourself quickly removed from your loved one's lives all due to false accusations.

If you have violated the conditions of a New Jersey restraining order, you could be facing serious legal consequences including an arrest, jail time leading to being charged with a misdemeanor or crime. Failing to respond can lead to serious consequences that can affect you for years to come in every aspect of your life including interactions with your children, employment and your living arrangements.

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