High Net Worth Divorce

For individuals with significant wealth, the New Jersey divorce process brings a special set of circumstances. At the Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein, our legal team has the experience to work through the complex issues and negotiate a fair divorce agreement for you. I am a New Jersey divorce attorney who regularly works with clients who have substantial marital assets. The goal of my work in this area is to come to a divorce settlement that protects what you have earned and saved and secures you with what you are entitled to under the law.

In addition to finances including income and investments, High Net Worth Divorces usually include very specific and complicated issues. As the owner and senior partner of my law firm, I bring nearly 20 years of experience to my clients in handling these complex cases. Additionally, I use my established relationships with other attorneys and the court system to keep the process moving and protecting your privacy and your children.

Every high net worth case is different and it is the unique circumstances that need special attention. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be wondering how some of the issues on the list below will impact your divorce:

  • Business arrangements including partnerships, deferred compensation, and stock options We have worked with many clients who have had personal businesses and who hold senior level positions in large corporations. We understand how to obtain accurate valuations of current and future profit and compensation from experts in the field. We then negotiate the terms of your divorce to your fairest advantage. If you are an owner of a business (or your spouse owns a business), I have worked with all of the top forensic accountants in the state of New Jersey and can guide and protect you through this complicated process;
  • Real-estate holdings: Real estate holdings can include multiple and a variety of property types. You may have one or several residences where you spend considerable time. There may be a vacation home and investment properties in your portfolio and how they were brought into your marital portfolio is critical. Additionally, the valuation of these properties, who will receive them, as well as making sure you have the income to maintain them is critical;
  • Complex retirement structures including pensions, benefits, and 401k’s: All retirement accounts contributed to during the marriage are analyzed during your divorce proceedings. You may be entitled to a much larger piece of your spouse’s holdings than you realize. Working closely with experts in this area, all retirement savings can be valued and divided so that your interests are protected;
  • Extensive investments including stocks, bonds, investment properties: The current and future values of your financial investments will require complex valuation and negotiation. We can work with you to ensure that these assets are protected and divided in such a way so that your interests are secure as you enter your post divorce life;
  • Details of prenuptial and post nuptial agreements. A detailed review of these documents will help us understand agreements you may have made with your spouse prior to or even during the marriage. You may have heard the phrase “air tight” when reading about these types of agreements. You may be in a situation where your prior agreements will not hold-up under the current law and there may be ways to legally protect you in a different manner. It is crucial for your attorney to have extensive knowledge of how these agreements and the law can work in your favor;
  • Complicated tax structures and planning. If you have substantial wealth, you know how important it is to plan appropriately and avoid significant tax exposure. The financial details of your divorce should be scrutinized by a legal team and accountants specializing in this process.

When there is so much on the table to divide, the more complicated the case becomes. Do not worry, we are here to protect you. Come in for a free consultation and learn how our experience and expertise can be of benefit so you enter your post-divorce life in the manner to which you have become accustomed. My expert team and I have successfully negotiated many cases involving substantial assets and our clients walk out with very fair settlements.

A key component of high net worth divorce is knowing the right experts to bring into the process. This is essential for accurate valuation of current holdings and uncovering hidden assets (link here to show me the money blog). For years I have developed relationships with forensic and business accountants, financial analysts and private

investigators all specializing in divorce. I have the experience and wherewithal to protect you and your future financial security. Our office can answer your questions, help you gather the documentation and look at your current financial situation as well as uncover details you may not have even known about. We work quickly with a keen eye on keeping your legal fees reasonable and protecting your privacy.

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