Monmouth County Child Support Obligation

For hundreds of parents and families in Monmouth County and across the state, child support is a major part of their lives.

Whether you are a parent is paying child support, or you are a parent is receiving child support, or a couple is going through a divorce or separation and you are looking to establish child support, it is likely that you have many questions.

A Monmouth County child support lawyer can help explain how a court reaches a Monmouth County child support obligation and can help you when you are seeking child support, are already paying child support, or are seeking to change child support.

A dedicated and compassionate team of lawyers is prepared to help you every step of the way and will help ensure you and your child are properly cared for.

Determining How Much A Parent Should Pay In Child Support

To begin to understand how a family law judge in Monmouth County, or anywhere else in New Jersey will determine how much a parent should pay in child support, it is important to understand the philosophy behind child support payments, which is stated in the appendix of the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines.

Child support is the constant duty of both parents – Meaning that both parents have an ongoing Monmouth County child support obligation to provide financial support to their child until such time as they are emancipated.

A child has a right to share the current income of both parents – This does not mean that a child has the right to direct access to a parent’s finances, but rather, this means that they have a right to benefit from their parent’s income and finances.

A child should not be a casualty of an out of wedlock birth or divorce – Often in a divorce a couple with fight over every little asset, and can often become angry and bitter, the philosophy of child support seeks to keep children above the dispute and ensure that they are constantly cared for regardless of the parent’s personal relationship.

A family law judge who trying to reach a child support determination in Monmouth county will be guided by the New Jersey child support guidelines which will consider the parents’ net income that is expended in an intact family, meaning that the parents and children are all living together, as compared to parents who are separated, to reach a fair amount that will ensure the child is not forced to live in poverty.

Expenses Included in A Child Support Determination

In reaching a child support determination, the judge will often rely on the New Jersey Child support guidelines to generate an amount for child support.

The guidelines will consider not only the income of each parent but also the expenses that a parent would be expected to contribute if the family remained intact. Some of the following expenses are considered in determining a child support amount:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Health-care
  • Housing
  • The parent who is receiving child support payments is expected to take money from child support payments and apply it to these items.

    Other Considerations

    In addition to the basic considerations for child support for example; food, clothing, and shelter, a Monmouth County family law judge may also consider additional expenses in addition to the basic child support guidelines. Some of the additional expenses a judge may include are:

  • Health insurance for the child
  • Predictable and recurring medical expenses in excess of $250 per year
  • Work-related child care (e.g. daycare, afterschool programs)
  • In addition, a judge may consider other expenses in the calculation. For example, if a child has special needs and requires adaptive technology and or special programs, the judge may require a parent to contribute money towards these services, which may increase a child support obligation.

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