Putting Together Your Divorce Team

Putting Together Your Divorce Team

1209081_city_people_at_sunset.jpgThe psychological community has long considered divorce the number 2 most stressful event that a person can go through in their lives. And in the stressful pressure cooker of the state of New Jersey, divorcing parties often feel like they are on a never ending emotional rollercoaster. As every single aspect of your past, current, and future life is examined and negotiated, at no other time in your life do you need the support of friends and family as you dismantle your old life and then build anew. However, just as these personal relationships are critical to getting you through the NJ Divorce Process, you will also need to assemble a team of professionals and experts to help you navigate the murky waters to protect your rights and future. Whether you are going through a divorce, or dealing with post-divorce, child custody, child support, or alimony issues, the guidance received from impartial third parties can be invaluable.

An aggressive and compassionate divorce attorney should be at the top of your list. You need an experienced NJ divorce lawyer who can guide you through the process with particular care for your personal circumstances.

Divorce is a tough time for any well-balanced individual. And no matter how strong your mettle, you may benefit from talking with a licensed mental health professional. Gone are the days when anyone should be embarrassed by seeking out this type of care. Today, there are a variety of options for you to receive support and guidance during this difficult time. Psychological help can come in the form of a therapist, life coach, psychologist, family therapist, parenting counselor, psychiatrist, as examples. Find an experienced professional

To accurately evaluate your current economic situation and protect your fiscal future, several Financial Professionals may need to be consulted. These become increasingly important in high net worth divorces and/or those including extensive investments and business ownership. You should discuss with your attorney the inclusion of accountants, forensic accounts, and business advisors on your divorce team.

More than likely, one of your greatest assets is your marital home. But your current real-estate portfolio may also include a vacation home and investment properties. As part of your divorce negotiating, these assets may be divided and/or sold. A licensed and experienced real estate agent can be of great help to you in securing accurate appraisals, listing the properties, and help you through a successful sale. Look for an agent with a track record of success in your neighborhood.

Divorce is a time when all areas of your life go through change. Whether you are a stay-at-home-mom reentering the workforce or a business mogul looking to make a switch, a Career Counselor can systematically explore employment options with you to find a good fit for your goals and lifestyle.

There are times in the divorce process where the services of a Private Investigator must be retained. While you may have visions of sleazy individuals hiding behind bushes to snap pictures of hotel rooms, the range of services they provide can be invaluable to the outcome of your divorce. Yes, PI’s can in fact help collect evidence of a cheating spouse but can also be useful in establishing cohabitation, domestic violence, substandard parenting practices, and uncovering assets tucked away in obscure places.

Help for your children. Last but certainly not least are the army of professionals who may need to call in to help your child adjust to the change of life. You may find that while your children actually enjoy talking with a psychologist about their feelings regarding the changes in their own little lives. Parents often report that children like the neutral third party to talk to and feel special that mom and dad care enough to make sure they have the coping skills to get through the adjustment time. In addition to a counselor who specializes in children, there are many school level personnel who should be informed. Of course, this depends on your child’s age and the personalities of school staff. Do not overlook the importance of making sure your child is on the radar screen of the school Principal, Assistant Principal, and guidance counselor. Your child is in their care for a majority of the day and they can be a great resource to monitor social behavior and academic changes.

Our office has been helping clients navigate the New Jersey divorce process for more than 16 years. We can make recommendations and refer you to the right set of individuals to help you and your family during this very difficult time. Please call our office for a free consultation at (732) 783-5588.


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