Edison Township Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

Edison Township Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

Divorce proceedings are typically complicated and time-consuming. Often new disputes arise after a divorce is finalized. Although the divorce process itself can be quite complex, post-divorce disputes may further confuse a person.

Knowledgeable legal counsel could help reduce confusion and improve a person’s understanding of their rights regarding a post-divorce dispute. Many times, one spouse will return to the court and ask the judge to modify the terms of a divorce. Generally, a spouse seeking to modify the divorce will need to supply evidence showing that something important has changed since the original divorce action.

While there can be several reasons for someone to request a modification in the finalized terms of a divorce, a person typically should obtain legal representation before agreeing to updated terms. If you have gone through a divorce, you may want to contact a seasoned attorney who understands New Jersey law. An Edison Township post-divorce disputes lawyer could help defend your interests and maintain stability.

Material Changes in Circumstances in Edison Township

A modification will typically be allowed by the court if the spouse who requests it can show a material change in circumstances since the judgment. While family situations can easily shift, especially with respect to money and children, the spouse must be able to show a substantial change to reopen the divorce terms.

In family law, the court will typically always try to determine the best interests of the children when making changes that affect them. Some spousal awards may be altered after evidence showing a material change in circumstances is presented to the court. This usually concerns the earning capacity of one of the spouses.

If a former spouse does not comply with the divorce terms, the court can hold that party in contempt. An individual held in civil contempt usually must pay a fine. In a more extreme situation involving repeated violations, the court could even order a non-compliant spouse imprisoned. Also, a former spouse who refuses to comply may be ordered to pay the lawyers’ fees of the other party. The court typically will say the spouse intentionally disregarded their duties and that their non-compliance led the other spouse to file the new action and incur legal costs.

Post-Divorce Disputes Involving Children

Joint custody of minor children is common after a divorce. In some situations, one parent may receive full custody, while the other parent is allowed visitation rights. In either case, parents sometimes go back to court to try to get these arrangements modified. Custody and visitation schedules generally vary from one family to another. After several years, the parents may conclude that the deal they agreed to at the time of the divorce is no longer working.

Child support payments often give rise to post-divorce disputes. Individuals who make little to no money can still be ordered to pay a certain amount of money for the good of the child. Strained finances commonly cause tension between former spouses that share parental responsibilities. For more insight, get in touch with an Edison Township post-divorce disputes lawyer today.

Fluctuating Income

Of course, a person’s income can fluctuate enormously over time. If a child support amount is based on a parent’s income, a decline in that income may significantly impact that person’s financial ability to provide welfare. The amount of income someone earns can often be a point of contention, both during and after the divorce. This is particularly common where the non-custodial parent is self-employed, has substantial investments, or earns commissions. Contact an Edison Township Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney Today

When a divorce occurs, it may be important to keep in mind that the final decree is often the beginning to different negotiations moving forward. Spousal support payments or shared parental duties typically require attention from time to time from both parties. An Edison Township post-divorce disputes lawyer could help hold a former spouse accountable and defend your interests. Consult with a lawyer today.


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