With nearly 20 years experience as a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer, I am well aware that the end of a marriage is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. While many people exercise to help alleviate their stress, there are others who still can’t seem to find enough time in the day for themselves. With technology being a pertinent part of our busy lives, people have been turning to the Internet more frequently looking for quick methods to make their divorce process less overwhelming. There are five “divorce apps” just a click away that may be your ticket to managing stress on the go.


2Houses is an app that was created to help divorced parents schedule and better organize their children’s activities. One of the main features that the app offers is the Calendar. This feature enables everyone to view an online schedule to ensure that every family member is always on the same page. If there is ever a last minute change in a child’s schedule, the editing tool allows you to change times or activities instantly. The calendar feature is great especially for managing custody arrangements so that both parents have a common view of the calendar. Birthdays, nights out, sporting events and more can all be added to the calendar, making it easier for parents to never forget when their loved one has a special event coming up. The calendar is also unique because it enables you to schedule recurrent activities. If your child has tennis every Wednesday at 6pm, you can set that activity in the calendar and it will repeatedly appear each week. The best part about the calendar is that it can be synchronized with your personal calendar on your Smartphone or with Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook.

Other features that 2Houses provides are financing, albums, journals, and the info bank. The finance tool helps parents manage their child’s expenses. The system records whatever information is entered and makes sure that the accounts stay balanced. Anytime a payment is needed, for instance for a doctor’s appointment, a reminder is sent to the parents in charge of that expense. Another feature of the finance tool is the wish list. It allows each parents to suggest what should be bought for the kids such as a new toy or new favorite snack. The albums feature is something that parents love because it gives them the opportunity to share and download whatever picture they want to of their children. It’s especially great for when your child is coming home from a holiday or vacation with mom or dad so that the other parent can be part of their child’s experience too. The journals feature is literally an online journal where each parent can post photos, videos, and any other information that needs to be shared with the other parent. Lastly, the info bank is like an online address book. It allows both parents to have access to the same array of contact numbers for their children such as their doctor, teacher, or sports coach.

Divorce Log

The Divorce Log app is a program that helps make divorce related documentation easy to keep track of. It allows you to keep information about lawyers, child support offices, alimony, expenses, and more all in one place. Plus, all entries stored in the app can be forwarded to an email address making it easier to send certain documents to the recipient of your choice. You can easily import important texts and emails directly into the app ensuring that all vital conversations and documents are securely stored.

iSplit Divorce

With the help of iSplit Divorce, dividing marital assets was never so easy. Forget spreadsheets and abstractions; the app enables you to assign icons to all pricey items like the house and car before determining who gets what share of each. The users of the app must enter in the dollar value of each item. Then the app keeps track of each spouse’s assets, guaranteeing an equitable distribution between the parties.

Child Support Calculator

The Child Support Calculator app is great in helping to estimate the monthly costs of child support and alimony payments depending on the state in which you are divorced. All you do is input both parents’ income and percentage of custody and the app helps configure the monthly costs. This app is only available on Android phones now, but a newer version will be available to Apple users soon.

Parenting Apart

The Parenting Apart app is based on the book, Parenting Apart, by Christina McGhee. It is a parenting guide for divorced couples right on their iPhone. The most frequently read articles in this online guide to success include adjustment issues for kids, talking to kids about divorce, co-parenting, emotional expectancies from kids, challenges from parenting apart, and life after divorce. With the help of this app, parents can now be more confident in addressing their children’s needs during and after divorce.

At Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein, we always stay on the cutting edge of technology in order to help our client’s through this difficult period of life, and we are here for you if you need us.