East Brunswick Contested Divorce Lawyer

When contesting the issues of a divorce, many parties are most concerned about alimony. Neither party ever wants to pay alimony, and that often does not have anything to do with how much money the person has. Sometimes, the recipient of alimony can have unrealistic expectations as to how much should be awarded by a judge, arbitrator, or mediator.

Since divorce cases can often be complex, it is important that an individual contact an experienced East Brunswick contested divorce lawyer as soon as possible. A knowledgeable divorce attorney will be able to help settle parties disagreements over a variety of contested issues.

Splitting Assets

Another issue that comes up in divorce cases is the legal issues involving equitable distribution or splitting a person’s assets.

If a person receives a sizable inheritance, there should be an analysis of what they did with that money, along with New Jersey case law, to determine whether or not it was co-mingled or otherwise be an exempt asset into the marital estate. Such issues can be best handled by an experienced East Brunswick contested divorce attorney.

By way of example, if the client received an inheritance and kept it in a separate bank account with their sister, and they never added to it with marital funds, or never took money out of that account and spent it on something to do with the marriage, then that money is safe and protected.

On the other hand, if one spouse received a sizable inheritance and buys a house, putting the deed in both spouses’ names, now there is a problem with co-mingled funds which may be split 50/50. Finally, domestic violence can always be a problem in any divorce or child custody action.

Role of an Attorney

The role of an East Brunswick contested divorce lawyer is to provide guidance to their client. Local experienced attorneys always give their clients cost effective advice.

In order to fight for custody, the attorney will have to hire an expert. A child custody trial is an expensive endeavor.

Child Custody

Another big issue in divorce cases would be child custody-related issues, which range from a child custody fight to smaller issues such as parenting time and alike.

The first thing a contested divorce lawyer in East Brunswick would do is explain to the client that it is important that they have a support group. A therapeutic situation may be appropriate when going through this very difficult time of life. 

Unfortunately, there are certain cases when a domestic abuse was involved that would inevitably affect the way the case is handled. This may seriously impact custody as it pertains to the children. It is always best if the two parents try to come to an agreement with respective custody and parenting time.

Most couples do not want a judge telling them when to see their child. That should be worked out between two parents because they are going to have to learn how to parent now as divorced people. It is clearly in the best interests of the child that the parents can co-parent in their post-divorce life in an effective and peaceful manner.

If the parents are continuously fighting over the child, it is a virtual guarantee that the child will be psychologically and emotionally harmed. To understand the role the children may play in an individual’s divorce case, they should be sure to hire an East Brunswick contested divorce attorney immediately.