Edison Township Child Custody Issues

Divorce can be one of life’s most difficult experiences. There are numerous concerns to think of, plan for, and negotiate. Dividing a household is no easy task, which is one reason individuals often choose to work with an experienced lawyer during the process.

However, matters involving children can complicate this process even further. Often, a good place to start building your approach to child custody during and after your divorce is understanding some of the Edison Township child custody issues that could arise as you face divorce.

Every family is unique, and experienced child custody attorneys understand that meeting a family’s unique needs requires a thorough and dynamic approach to every issue. Knowing just what issues might arise is a good way to develop that approach efficiently and effectively.


One of the most important Edison Township custody issues is where the child will live. Depending on the circumstances, parents could have shared physical custody of the child, or one parent could serve as the primary physical custodian while the other serves as an alternate.

There are a number of options when it comes to determining the most practical residency schedule for children. The more detailed this aspect of a parenting plan is, the more likely it would be accepted by a court and the easier custody transitions may be on everyone involved.


If one or both parents are considering relocating to different states, or even further away from each other in the same state, their residency plans may play an important role in a discussion of child custody. While there are certain restrictions that might come with custody and relocation, it is important to address the role any planned relocation might play in a parenting plan.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is an important concern for everyone, but especially so for those with children. Parents facing divorce need to make arrangements for health insurance and other medical issues as part of their approach to reaching a custody agreement. In addition to personal preferences and cost, there may be outside guidelines that must be considered as important aspects of deciding on coverage.

Child Support

For the most part, child support is mandated by the state. The state’s guidelines are set forth in New Jersey Court Rule 5:6A Appendix IX-F, and it is typically not possible to deviate from the prescribed rules.

Determining one’s potential child support liability or income can have a significant impact on their finances, which can in turn affect other aspects of a child custody arrangement. There are also important state and federal guidelines governing payments that must be adhered to. A skilled child support attorney could help an individual understand more about what the state’s child support guidelines could mean.

Childcare Arrangements and Costs

Especially with younger children, divorcing parents often have to deal with childcare arrangements and costs as part of custody negotiations. These issues also play an important role in the child custody process and incorporate many questions that must be answered.

One parent could have primary responsibility for these costs, or they could be split evenly if one parent is not the primary guardian. Either way, costs like this may impact not only a person’s child custody concerns but also other parts of their divorce negotiation.

There are many other financial issues that could be pertinent to an individual’s family in negotiations regarding child custody. For instance, if a child has special needs, it is important that a parenting plan adequately addresses how those needs would be met. Depending on a child’s age, parents may also need to address paying for extracurricular activities or even college tuition.

How an Attorney Could Help With Edison Township Child Custody Issues

Whenever possible, working productively with your child or children’s other parent can be an important part of successfully navigating your child support concerns. Realistically, however, that is not always an option, and courts may have to intervene.

Regardless of which avenue you and your family take to developing a child custody arrangement, having an understanding of the key issues and what to expect throughout the process can help the divorce process run much more smoothly. To find out more about the Edison Township child custody issues you may need to face, contact an experienced child custody lawyer today.