Edison Township Child Custody Lawyer

The most important decision in any separation or divorce involving children is custody. The right to be involved in the life and development of your children is vital to any parent and must be protected.

Child custody disputes can be among the most complex, difficult, and emotional ordeals in a separation or divorce. Parents often have differing views of what is best for their children and this can lead to contentious legal battles to protect the future of both parents and children. 

If you are involved in a child custody dispute, an Edison Township Child Custody Lawyer can help. Speak with an established family attorney about how to begin your case. 

When Would Someone Need a Child Custody Lawyer?

There are many signs that could indicate speaking with a child custody lawyer may be a good decision. Some signs may include:

  • The other spouse retained a custody lawyer
  • The complexity of a case is increasing
  • The custody battle is across jurisdictional lines
  • The wellbeing of the children may be in jeopardy
  • One spouse is trying to prevent the other from interacting with their children
  • The family court is compelling a parent to enroll in classes, therapy, or other treatment

A knowledgeable attorney with experience in child custody disputes can assist parents in understanding their legal rights. They can also zealously advocate for the best interests of the children.

What Could Potentially Impact a Custody Battle

The aim of a child custody agreement is to assure minor children frequent and continuing contact with both their parents after a separation or divorce. The state believes it is in the best interests of children to encourage parents, whenever practicable, to share the rights and responsibilities of raising their children.

The court has incredible authority when it comes to crafting custody arrangements. These arrangements can range from completely equal rights for both parents to sole custody by one parent.

Best Interests of the Child

Ultimately, the courts are focused on the best interests of the child in a custody dispute. Any number of factors can be considered in this analysis. Among the most common factors courts consider are:

  • The ability of parents to communicate and collaborate on issues relating to their children
  • The existing relationship between the parent(s) and the children
  • Any history of abusive or criminal behavior
  • The future safety of the children
  • The needs of the children including educational, emotional, and/or medical needs
  • The stability of the home environment that each parent can offer the children
  • Whether the children’s education may be affected by a given custody arrangement
  • The fitness of the parents including the history of their involvement with the children, the parents’ employment responsibilities; and/or the location of their respective homes
How an Attorney Can Help

A knowledgeable Edison Township child custody lawyer has experience handling the complex circumstances and emotions involved in custody disputes. An attorney can work with you to represent your interests in custody hearings and to endeavor to achieve the best possible custody arrangements for you and your children.

If you are facing a child custody battle, protect your children’s future and your rights as a parent – contact a compassionate Edison Township child custody lawyer today for a free consultation.