Edison Township Family Lawyer

Family law touches on a wide array of issues that can affect a family’s future.  Seeking the counsel of an experienced Edison Township family lawyer in understanding rights, obligations, and responsibilities is an excellent step to a successful resolution of any family law issue. If you are in need of legal assistance with any family-related issues, a dedicated family law attorney is available to help.

Premarital and Marital Issues

Prenuptial or premarital agreements are contracts entered into before marriage which stipulate the property and financial rights of the engaged parties should the marriage fail. Prenuptial agreements can alleviate some of the stressful details of a divorce, as many of the contentious matters would already have been settled beforehand.

If a marriage begins to fail, divorce is not necessarily the only option. A separation agreement can be a “trial run” before filing a claim for divorce. An agreement such as this can assist aggrieved parties in evaluating their circumstances and help them decide if divorce is the right option. Proper drafting of separation agreements is important, though, as these agreements can become integral components of a potential divorce filing.

When differences cannot be reconciled or a spouse commits an unforgivable act which is grounds for divorce, retaining an Edison Township family lawyer is often an essential first step. Divorce proceedings are notoriously complicated and difficult to manage, and having an experienced family lawyer to help could greatly ease the process.

Financial Support for Children

The state of New Jersey has specific guidelines to calculate the amount of child support a non-custodial parent is responsible for contributing. Calculating the amount owed is often a matter of plugging in variables like parental income and custody arrangements and following the tables prescribed by the state. A thorough understanding of the New Jersey child support guidelines and the variables which affect awards can be of great help when determining the financial future of a child and their parents.

In certain unique circumstances, child support awards can be challenged and amended. An experienced family law attorney in Edison Township could assist in understanding if these instances may apply.

Establishing Paternity

In some situations, it is necessary to first determine paternity before working to receive child support from the father or assert paternal rights. In these instances, it is possible to bring an action for paternity through the courts. This action can compel the establishment of paternity, which can be used as the foundation for establishing an obligation for child support or other paternal rights and responsibilities.

An Edison Township family law attorney could be a seasoned guide to understanding precisely what steps are necessary to bring an action for paternity, as well as the legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations that may follow from a successful showing of fatherhood.

How an Edison Township Family Law Attorney Could Help

When facing a family law issue, a knowledgeable and professional Edison Township family lawyer may be able to help. Everyone deserves expert representation in protecting their future and the future of their loved ones—contact an attorney today to see what they could do for you.