Edison Township Religious Divorce Lawyer

For many individuals, religion is an important part of daily routines,  decisions, and a powerful factor in marriage. As is true with many factors in a marriage, that means that religion can also have a serious impact on the divorce process itself.

While several religions may require individuals wishing to divorce in that faith to participate in a religious tribunal to affect a valid divorce in the eyes of that particular religion, only a legal divorce through New Jersey courts can effectively dissolve a marriage in the eyes of the government and many other entities.

That means that individuals especially concerned with how religion may impact their divorce can benefit by learning more from a seasoned divorce attorney about how religious divorce and legal divorce can impact each other. A dedicated Edison Township religious divorce lawyer could help you understand more about how various aspects on your individual faith may impact a potential or ongoing divorce.

Understanding Religious Divorce

Religious divorces are specific to the religions involved. However, as any experienced Edison Township religious divorce attorney knows, many religions require certain formalities to be met in order for a divorce to be recognized.

For example, the Catholic Church requires a marriage to be annulled in order for individuals to be considered separated in the eyes of the Church. While an annulment is not a divorce by the strict definition of the law, it is the Church’s way of recognizing a marriage as never having been valid.

In many traditional Jewish communities, only a man may ask for a divorce by following established protocol. A woman in this type of marriage must accept the request in order for the divorce to be considered valid in the eyes of the religious community.

In many of these religious proceedings, the religious doctrine used to make certain important determinations regarding the terms of the divorce. There may be aspects pertaining to custody, spousal support, and just about any other factors that play a part in divorce.

Impact on Legal Divorce

While none of the formalities of a religious divorce are necessarily required to effectuate a legal divorce, they can still have a significant impact on it.

For example, if a man initiates religious divorce proceedings against his wife, he is likely to have the upper hand in the negotiation process depending on the wife’s view of the religious requirements. On the other hand, if the man wants to be remarried in the eyes of a religion that recognizes this approach, the woman may regain some benefits during the negotiation process.

Important Aspects of a Settlement

One or both spouses may want to include important aspects of the religious divorce process into the settlement. These can include support obligations, custody, and even property rights. Some religious processes may inhibit either the male or female’s property from being divided depending on the circumstances, and that could have a significant impact on the ultimate terms of your final legal divorce settlement.

There may even be situations in which one spouse refuses to participate in the religious divorce process that could be related to the marriage. In such cases, courts may be able to order one or both spouses to participate.

Courts may also determine that religious divorce agreements do not meet the required legal standards established by the state, and that means they may disqualify or modify aspects of that religious agreement. For more advice about available options in a specific situation, consider contacting a knowledgeable religious divorce lawyer in Edison Township.

Talk to an Edison Township Religious Divorce Attorney

Some religions may have more formal proceedings than others when it comes to the dissolution of a marriage. Regardless of the prescribed religious method, though, it may have a bigger impact on your divorce than you may think.

You may even find the need for dedicated legal assistance during the religious divorce process. This is especially true in situations in which you need to reconcile the requirements and outcome of a religious divorce process with that of the legal divorce process.

If you have concerns about the role religion may play in your divorce process, an Edison Township religious divorce lawyer could help you understand and assert your rights. Call today to find out more about the options available to you.