Edison Township Separation Agreement Lawyer

A marriage separation can be an emotionally straining time during a person’s life. There are many important decisions that could potentially influence the rest of someone’s life, and the weight of these choices may feel overwhelming. A separation agreement could help eliminate some stress and streamline the complex process.

When considering entering into a separation agreement, a person may benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney. An Edison Township separation agreement lawyer could help you with understanding the complexities of New Jersey law and how it applies to your situation. 

How a Separation Agreement Lawyer May Help

Drafting a well-written separation agreement can be a tricky process. Each situation is different, and it is typically important to take the time to make sure the agreement addresses all important issues.

Some ways an Edison Township separation agreement lawyer could assist someone considering a separation agreement include:

  • Identifying assets and liabilities
  • Arranging for property appraisals
  • Presenting options for short-term financial responsibilities
  • Calculating alimony
  • Providing child support calculations
  • Suggesting possible asset division
  • Drafting the final Separation Agreement
The Differences Between Legal Separation and Divorce

Divorce is typically considered the termination of a marriage that allows the couple to permanently live apart and re-marry if they choose. A complaint is usually filed with the court to begin the divorce process.

Couples who seek a legal separation are not generally required to file paperwork with the court. The spouses may simply choose to move to different homes. A legal separation may be a step toward divorce or may result in a reconciliation.

Understanding a Separation Agreement

The main issue that is commonly addressed during a legal separation is how to handle finances. When a couple chooses to live apart, the income that was used to support one household now needs to support two separate homes. The separation agreement may address child custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, and other practical issues during the time the couple lives apart.

The agreement could cover the time between separation and reconciliation or be used as a guide for a marital settlement agreement in a potential divorce. A separation agreement is usually not filed with the court, but it is generally still considered to be a legally binding and enforceable contract between two people.

Additionally, a separation agreement may be useful when a couple is not ready to divide assets and debts. The agreement could freeze the couple’s finances assets so that neither spouse is allowed to sell an asset or incur more debt during the separation period. For help with understanding a separation agreement, get in contact with an Edison Township separation agreement lawyer.

What Agreements Can Be Enforced

A valid separation agreement must be in writing, signed by both parties, and notarized. If one spouse seeks to invalidate an agreement, they may be able to do so under the following conditions:

  • Coercion or duress – one spouse was pressured into signing
  • Grossly unequal division of marital assets/debts
  • Unconscionability – unfair and/or dishonest
  • Mistake – financial information provided to the couple by a third party was in error (such as an incorrect real estate appraisal)
Why Consult an Edison Township Separation Agreement Attorney?

When considering a separation agreement, it may help to contact an Edison Township separation agreement lawyer. An experienced attorney could examine your specific family situation and review possible legal options. Understanding the important elements surrounding a separation agreement may help achieve a secure future for you and your family. Call today.