Seek Protection from Domestic Violence

If you or your children are experiencing domestic violence, you need a fast solution to end the abuse. After finding a safe place away from the abuser, we recommend that you seek a temporary restraining order (TRO). TROs can provide you with temporary protection from the abuser.

Based in East Brunswick, Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein helps individuals throughout New Jersey obtain the protection they need from domestic abuse. Our New Jersey domestic violence attorneys can help you file for a TRO and ensure that your rights under the New Jersey Domestic Violence Act are protected.

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What Is a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is a court-ordered document that prevents an individual from approaching or interacting with someone. It puts physical distance between the two parties and is designed to ensure that the abused individual is out of harm’s way. The restraining order will designate how far away the alleged abuser must stay from the other party. Restraining orders also protect the abused person’s immediate family members and other relevant people – such as friends and roommates – from contact with the abuser.

Seeking a Temporary Restraining Order

A temporary restraining order is a court-ordered document that offers temporary protection for someone experiencing abuse. A TRO can be requested from a county courthouse or a local police department.

When a TRO has been approved and issued, the person facing the order will be served and informed of the date of the final hearing, which is generally within 10 days. If the defendant – the person facing the order – lives with the party who requested the order, the defendant must leave the home and stay elsewhere while the TRO is in place.

A TRO will last until a judge issues a further court order. A judge can extend the length of the TRO, remove it entirely, or replace it with a final restraining order.

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