Comprehensive Representation for LGBT Partners

Today, LGBT couples in New Jersey enjoy the same marital benefits as heterosexual couples. With that, they also have the same rights as opposite-sex couples in the divorce process.

As an LGBT couple navigates the divorce proceedings, they will encounter matters including:

As with an opposite-sex divorce, a same-sex divorce allows partners to negotiate their divorce proceedings through mediation or take things to trial and let a court make decisions. Whatever route you take, Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein can be by your side from start to finish. Our New Jersey LGBT divorce attorneys are here to help you navigate this difficult and stressful process.

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A Thorough & Respectful Approach

Because gay marriage has only recently been legalized in New Jersey, there is not much case law surrounding same-sex divorce matters. For this reason, equitable distribution and alimony in same-sex divorces can become complicated.

At Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein, we have a thorough understanding of the case law that does exist and can take a creative, effective approach to any challenge you encounter during your divorce. Our team respects all families and is proud to help our LGBT clients find favorable resolutions to all disputes during a divorce.

Dissolving a Civil Union

Before gay marriage was legalized, many same-sex couples in New Jersey and throughout the country chose to form a civil union. Dissolving a civil union is a similar process to filing for divorce. Those wishing to end a civil union must file a complaint for dissolution and a case information statement, just as a divorcing couple has to do. These couples will face issues of alimony, property division, and child custody, just as they would during a divorce. Our New Jersey divorce attorneys can help you end a civil union.

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