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As children grow older, their needs change, and this means changes for parents as well. Whether or not you and your ex-spouse ended your relationship on good terms, you will likely need to modify court orders to better fit those changes for your children. Whether you are simply renegotiating which parent gets which weekend or you are fighting for custody, the New Jersey family law attorney at Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein has the experience your case needs to obtain the best possible outcome. We bring over half a century of legal knowledge to each case we take.

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Making Successful Modifications

Your child’s sense of stability is important to their well-being, which is why it is important that parents have a good plan for where their children spend time. If there is a problem at someone’s home, it is important that you have the help of an experienced legal professional to help you make your case for the modification.

Some reasons for child custody modifications could include:

  • An uncooperative ex-spouse – If the other parent is no longer upholding their responsibilities and leaving the majority of the work to you, it may be time for them to relinquish custody and begin offering more by way of support.
  • Moving out of state – When one parent has a work or other requirement that moves them out of state, it is important that your family law attorney help you make a compelling case for a custody modification.
  • Significant changes to the life of the child – A court order may have been drafted before the child was in school, making it important to change the custody order to fit their needs.
  • A charge of abuse – Custody modifications can also be used to remove a child from a dangerous situation. It is important to have a qualified legal professional on your side to bring the burden of proof that a modification needs to occur.

Let Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein Help

Modifications to custody orders often require a lot of preparation to successfully execute. Many times, parents who stand to lose custody become emotional and uncooperative, making it that much more important that your family law attorney can effectively bring your case. With you as our client, we will do whatever it takes to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your situation, even if it means taking the matter to a more litigious setting. Let us negotiate on your behalf.

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