Middlesex County Alimony Lawyer

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support in New Jersey, can be a confusing subject. Understanding the basics of alimony in New Jersey can help you understand how alimony might affect you in your divorce.

A Middlesex County alimony lawyer could help you navigate the New Jersey alimony process. A distinguished family attorney can help protect your rights throughout the process.

Understanding the Basics of New Jersey Alimony

The general purpose of alimony is to allow each spouse to maintain a standard of living close to that which they enjoyed during the marriage and to allow the lower-earning spouse to transition from the marriage to being single.

There is no formula set in stone that courts in Middlesex County, New Jersey use to determine alimony. That means that alimony is determined on a case by case basis. However, while no specific formula exists, the 2014 New Jersey Revised Statutes directs courts to consider similar factors in determining alimony such as:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Earning capacity of each spouse
  • Educational level and skill of each spouse
  • History of financial and other contributions of each spouse to the marriage
  • Potential tax consequences of alimony payments for both spouses, among others

There are other factors a court may consider when determining the duration of an alimony award if one is appropriate. A Middlesex County alimony lawyer could determine if any of those factors might apply to someone’s situation.

Importance of Legal Assistance

Alimony brings out a lot of questions about how divorcing parties will pay for necessities, medical bills, and even support children of whom they have custody. These questions must be asked and answered regardless of whether someone is requesting alimony or facing the obligation to make alimony payments to a former spouse.

Laws on alimony in New Jersey are generally quite vague, which means there can be a great deal of individual discretion on the table when determining alimony obligations. Furthermore, negotiating alimony in New Jersey can be an emotional experience even in the best of circumstances. A qualified legal advocate is often an important part of understanding the various processes involved.

Middlesex County alimony lawyers understand the various factors involved in New Jersey alimony negotiations as well as important nuances in New Jersey alimony law and could work to try to ensure individuals are not disproportionately affected by the financial consequences of divorce.

How a Middlesex Alimony Attorney Can Help

No divorce process is the same as another, and each requires dedicated, experienced attention to details. With so much at stake when it comes to alimony in New Jersey, it is important to work with a Middlesex County alimony lawyer who understands your unique needs and goals.

Divorce is often an extremely challenging experience, and worrying about the additional financial consequences of alimony can make it even more difficult. If you are considering divorce and have questions about alimony—or would like to find out more information about modifying an alimony order already in place—contact a Middlesex County alimony lawyer to find out what options may be available to you.