Middlesex County Separation Agreement Lawyer

Separations essentially operate as a trial divorce for couples, allowing them to live separately while they work through divorce-related issues such as spousal support, child support, custody, and visitation. At the same time, each person can decide how they want to their relationship to proceed, or whether they wish for it to proceed at all.

One way to simplify this process would be to speak with a Middlesex County separation agreement lawyer. In addition to clarifying the laws and regulations related to separations and separation agreement, a qualified divorce attorney may advise clients on whether a separation agreement is the best option for them prior to a potential divorce.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Separation Agreements

There are many benefits associated with entering into a separation agreement. One primary advantage is the fact that separation agreements can provide a level of stability to children by creating a temporary custody arrangement.

Separation agreements can also allow faster resolutions to various complex issues on which spouses may disagree, whereas these issues can take a long time during a divorce.

Lastly, these agreements can include arrangements regarding spousal support, enabling both parties to financially maintain their life while still deciding on a divorce.However, separation agreements are closely scrutinized by insurance companies to ensure that couples are not delaying a divorce solely for health insurance purposes. Because of this, a separation agreement may limit rights to health insurance.

Separation Agreement Laws

Individuals seeking a separation have the option of proceeding with a separation agreement prepared with their lawyer and spouse. They may also ask a judge for a limited divorce, which operates basically as a separation agreement.

In the former scenario, both sides may have to meet several times to finalize an agreement that each person can live with. Typically, clauses regarding support, custody, and visitation will be included in the separation agreement. The agreement can also state who is responsible for certain bills and financial obligations, especially if there is a mortgage or car note that both spouses are liable for.

A person may choose to resolve spousal support, custody, or child support issues based on the same legal factors used by a judge in a divorce hearing, so they have a better idea of the type of decision a court may order. Alternatively, couples can reach a compromise that works for their specific financial and scheduling needs.

Divorce from Bed and Board in Middlesex County

There is no established method of legal separation in Middlesex County. However, a person may apply for a divorce from bed and board, also known as a limited divorce, where a couple wants to separate but would prefer a court to issue temporary orders certifying the decision.

One of the main reasons for using this method is that it works for partners who cannot reach a compromise. A judge can use legal standards to make decisions on issues regarding child support, custody, and alimony. A Middlesex County separation agreement attorney can be especially important when going through this litigation route, as they could argue each issue on a person’s behalf while the judge deliberates.

Consulting a Middlesex County Separation Agreements Lawyer

If you are considering a divorce or a separation, you should speak with a Middlesex County separation agreement lawyer first. Not only could a lawyer help you create a thorough and effective separation agreement, they may also represent you to make sure that your needs are fulfilled through the agreement. To schedule a consultation, call today .