Modifying a Child Custody Agreement in East Brunswick

Once custody is determined, a court must find that a change of circumstances has occurred before altering or modifying custody or a parenting time schedule.

In other words, if the person makes a deal with respect to custody and parenting time with the person’s ex, spouse, or the other parent, a judge is going to preserve that unless the person’s attorney is able to prove in a New Jersey family court that circumstances changed to a point of such significance that a modification is appropriate in their case.

To determine if there are any factors present in your custody agreement in East Brunswick that may warrant a medication, or to inquire about the procedures surrounding a modification, it is imperative to contact an experienced child custody attorney as soon as possible.

Material Change

An example of the material change that would cause a judge of the family part of the Superior Court of New Jersey to re-address and potentially modify and establish common court ordered custody and parenting time arrangements would be if the child’s grades started to suddenly spiral downward.

A judge would be most interested to learn why and what circumstances changed that are clearly not in this child’s best interest, assuming this child was always a good and honorable student.

Maybe their homework is not getting turned in or they are not prepared for exams. Those are important elements, especially in an extremely pro-education state which New Jersey is. Factors such as these can be relevant in the modification of child custody agreements in East Brunswick.

Change in Behavior

Another example of cause for potential material change in a child custody and parenting time scenario that would be a red flag to lawyers, child custody experts, and judges in New Jersey family courts is a sudden change in a child’s behavior.

For example, a child who is always well-behaved may suddenly start acting out. It could be occurring at home or it could be occurring at school. It is very typical that during a child custody dispute or divorce, the school and the teachers notice a sudden change, and not always for the better but for the worse in a particular student’s behavior.

They will contact the parents and often learn that there is trouble between the parents. They will advise the parents that they need to resolve these issues, because it is affecting their child. If the two parents, for whatever reason, cannot get on the same page, they will have no choice but to hire a lawyer and go back to court to have the matter resolved and the East Brunswick custody order potentially modified.

Benefit of an Attorney

Applications for the modification of a child custody agreement in East Brunswick are filed on a daily basis in New Jersey courts.

This is a strong reason that if the person had any case involving the person’s child that they hire an attorney and a law firm that only handles such matters as child custody disputes.

That way, an individual can consult with an attorney with the experience necessary to help produce a successful outcome on their behalf.