Modifying Child Support in Monmouth County

Child support payments are a way of ensuring that both parents following a divorce or separation properly care for a child. Child support payments help one or both parents continue to provide a child with adequate food, shelter, health care, education, and clothing. Many parents rely on child support payments to ensure that their child is well-cared for.

However, there are many reasons why try modifying a child support in Monmouth County. Usually, it is either to increase the payments they receive or to decrease the amount they are paying.

If you are a parent who is either receiving child support payments that are no longer enough to provide the proper care for your child, or you are a parent who is seeking to decrease the amount of child support you are paying, it is critical the advice of an experienced and dedicated Monmouth County family lawyer before you go to court.

The Standard for Modifying Child Support

Child support payments are calculated using sophisticated formulas that consider how much each parent makes, the cost it takes to care for a child, as well as the minimum amount a person can support themselves on.

Once a child support obligation has been entered by the court, a parent is expected to make these payments for their child’s care and maintenance. However, a child support obligation is not final and can be modified.

In Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey a parent who is seeking to modify a child support order will need to demonstrate that they, or their former spouse/ the other parent, have experienced a substantial or material change in circumstances.

When a court is determining how much child support a parent should pay, they will consider the child’s quality of economic life to ensure they will continue to live in an environment where they can develop and thrive.

Changed Circumstances

When a court is trying to determine if one or both parents have experienced a change in their financial and or personal circumstances to determine whether or not a child support obligation should be modified they will often look for one of the following:

  • An increase in the cost of living
  • An increase in the supporting parent’s income
  • A decrease in the supporting parent’s income
  • An illness or disability that arose after the original child support order was entered
  • Increased parenting time
  • Decreased parenting time
  • It is important for parents seeking to modify a child support order in Monmouth County to understand that a court will not modify a child support order for a temporary change in circumstances; rather they will only modify a child support order for a permanent change.

    For example, a court may not find it appropriate to modify a child support obligation where one parent is only on temporary disability or leave. However, a court may find it appropriate to modify a child support obligation when a parent has become totally disabled.

    Contact a Monmouth County Family Lawyer

    If you are considering filing for a modification in child support, a Monmouth County family lawyer can help you collect evidence to support your application, ensure your application complies with New Jersey’s strict court rules, can file your application, and can provide aggressive and comprehensive advocacy in the courtroom.

    For parents modifying child support in Monmouth County, it is essential to have professional and experienced representation at your side. Contact a Monmouth County family lawyer who has experience helping parents modify child support orders today to discuss your case.