Monmouth County Child Custody Lawyer

Your relationship with a romantic partner may have ended, but you have a child and thus, will probably remain in each other’s life.

Regardless of what has transpired between the two of you, you can still work to have a strong presence and a positive role in the lives of your children. An experienced Monmouth County child custody lawyer can help.

Child custody is more than deciding where children lay their heads at night. A child custody lawyer in Monmouth County helps parents determine who will make major decisions surrounding healthcare and education.

They help determine who makes the smaller, but no less important, day-to-day decisions. Both parents may want what is best for the child, but they may have very different ideas of what that is.

An experienced child custody attorney can help your family find your way to a suitable agreement.

Physical and Legal Child Custody

Custody consists of where a child physically resides and who makes the decisions around the child’s life. These two factors are known as physical and legal custody, respectively. Ideally, both parents should play a part in these two areas.

An attorney will encourage both parents to take an active role and build a strong relationship with their children. Too often, there are cases where parents try to use children to manipulate their exes, and make threats regarding custody.

This is never in the best interest of the child and a lawyer will work to avoid such confrontations.

Sole Custody

Although an attorney will want to see both parent’s remain in a child’s life, there are times when a child will be safer and healthier away from one parent.

If, for instance, a parent has a history of neglect, drug use, or physical abuse, a child custody lawyer in Monmouth County can help parents file for sole custody.

They will work to establish that the other parent is unfit and see that their client is able to protect the child.

Whether parents have joint or sole custody, there are certain factors that determine where a child should mainly reside. These include:

  • The parents’ physical and mental ability to care for the child
  • Each parent’s location and its impact on visitation
  • The child’s age and level of maturity
  • The child’s own wishes

Whatever the situation, a child custody lawyer in Monmouth County will prove to the courts that they are ready, willing, and able to care for the child so that the client may continue to have a strong relationship with them.

Determining a Custody Schedule

Determining who spends time with children around holidays, weekends, and the rest of the year are all important parts of a custody agreement.

An experienced child custody attorney in Monmouth County can help an individual work through them all.

Contact an Attorney

Regardless of how custody is handled, the parents’ separation is going to impact the children. With the help of an experienced attorney, however, you can create a safe and positive environment for your child in which they know both parents love them.

If you need help navigating this phase of your child’s life, contact a Monmouth County child custody lawyer today.