Monmouth County Child Support Payment Process

Children in New Jersey and in Monmouth County have a right to receive financial support from both parents. When a child’s parents are married or cohabitating, this is generally not a problem, however, problems often arise when parents divorce or separate.

However, regardless of parents marital or relationship status, a child is entitled to certain rights.

The Monmouth County child support payment process, and determining how much child support a parent is expected to pay is governed by both New Jersey Court Rules as well as the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. Contact a knowledgeable child support lawyer today.

Filing for Child Support

When one parent is seeking child support from the other parent, it is important that they follow the procedural steps set forth in the New Jersey Court Rules.

A Monmouth County Family Lawyer with experience filing applications for child support will be able to ensure that an individual’s application meets all of the requirements.

The process for filing for child support may vary depending on a person’s current relationship status, which can determine which docket a person will file under.

However, generally they will need or can expect to be required to file all of the following papers with the Monmouth County Superior Court Family Division:

  • Application – A parent who is seeking to establish child support will be expected to fill out an application, indicating that they are seeking to either establish child support, modify a current child support obligation, or to terminate a child support obligation
  • Confidential Litigant Information Sheet – Each parent to a child support case is required to fill out a confidential litigant information sheet that will include basic information about the both parents such as their contact information, their employer, and drivers license
  • Family Case Information Statement – This form is known as the CIS form and includes financial information about both parents, including line-item expenses a parent incurs on a monthly basis for their child. This form is important because it allows the court to more accurately apply the Child Support Guidelines to determine a fair amount of child support

However, each child support case has unique circumstances that may require different information, and a Monmouth County child support lawyer can help someone file a motion to establish child support, to modify a current child support obligation, or to terminate child support.

How to Determine Child Support

As mentioned above, in Monmouth County child support obligations are established based on a fixed formula set forth in the New Jersey Court Rule 5:6A and Appendix IX, which are also known as the Child Support Guidelines.

The biggest factor that influences child support is parental income. It is important to understand that both parents’ income will be evaluated, regardless of who has custody of the child or children. This is to ensure that both parents are contributing financially to the care and development of a child.

After evaluating the parents’ income and their earning potential, the court will then look into other factors as to reach a child support amount include:

  • Healthcare
  • Child-care and day-care expenses
  • Living expenses
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Transportation

There are many factors that are included in the child support guidelines, and an experienced Monmouth County family lawyer who is familiar with all of the intricacies of the Monmouth County child support payment process can help ensure that an application is properly filed and that the court considers all income and finances to reach a fair child support amount.

Contact a Monmouth County Child Support Attorney Today

If you are a parent and have questions about how the Monmouth County child support payment process works, or are seeking to modify a child support payment, contact an experienced and dedicated Monmouth County family lawyer today to discuss your case.