Monmouth County High-Net-Worth/High Asset Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is never a pleasant prospect, and the process of dividing marital assets is often a wrenching, emotionally-charged endeavor. However, when the couple involved is possessed of significant wealth, whether acquired during the marriage or obtained separately prior to the union, the task can prove even more difficult.

If you are contemplating a dissolution of marriage under such circumstances, a Monmouth County high-net-worth/high asset divorce lawyer is essential to safeguarding your interests. Get in touch with a skilled divorce attorney who can advocate for you.

Unique Issues in High Net Worth Divorce Cases

There are certain matters which must be resolved in all divorce matters, namely, those pertaining to spousal support, custody of minor children, child support and the division of marital property.

However, when it comes to couples characterized by a high degree of wealth, these concerns are joined by a series of distinct considerations which must be thoughtfully and carefully addressed. Key areas of concern in a divorce case of this nature include:

  • Tax planning designed to maximize asset and wealth preservation
  • Division of real estate holdings such as vacation homes, investment properties, primary residence and commercial holdings
  • Valuable items such as boats, antique furniture, jewelry collections and artwork
  • Privately-held business concerns
  • Securities holdings
  • Retirement holdings such as profit-sharing plans, 401(k) accounts, IRAs and stock options obtained by virtue of executive employment agreements
  • Inheritances
Achieving Equitable Dissolution in High Asset Divorces
  • In order to reach a fair and equitable agreement in divorces marked by substantial wealth, it is necessary for a great deal of research and analysis to take place so that all debts, assets and other holdings of the parties can be identified and accurately valued.
  • Couples with an existing prenuptial agreement must have that documentation assessed by a Monmouth County high-net-worth/high asset divorce lawyer to facilitate proper enforcement of its terms and to begin resolution of any outstanding issues such as child custody and support. Those lacking such a contract will have a lengthier and potentially more arduous road to completion.
  • While it is generally the case that assets brought to the marriage by each of the parties will not be subject to division and distribution in the event of a divorce, conclusively proving that certain types of assets are separate property and not marital assets can often be more difficult than many expect. These are the times when an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney can be truly indispensable.
The Role of Subject Matter Experts in High Asset Marriage Dissolutions

Another way in which a seasoned Monmouth County divorce attorney can help achieve a client's objectives in a high asset case is to enlist the aid of a network of experts able to provide the insights and data required to accomplish fair distribution of wealth and appropriate custodial arrangements. Some of the key players in this process may be:

  • Child custody experts able to ensure that minors retain an appropriate and established standard of living, regardless of which parental home they find themselves
  • Business valuation experts able to properly ascertain assets and liabilities of any type of going concern owned and/or operated during the marriage
  • Forensic accountants able to review and value acquired stock options, deferred compensation and other assets that can otherwise be difficult to divide and who can trace transactions which may have involved improper expenditures or asset concealment by one of the divorcing parties
  • Employment experts able to assess the future earning capacity of a spouse who left the work world during the course of the marriage and who can help in the determination of appropriate levels of spousal and child support
  • Psychological professionals who can address any concerns about the mental health or well-being of one or both of the parties, particularly in the context of a custody battle
Aggressive Advocacy in the Midst of Emotional Strain

Nobody enters into a marital union ever expecting to go through a contentious divorce. However, when circumstances unfold that make continuing as husband and wife and impossibility, it is vital that each spouse obtains the assistance of a knowledgeable, aggressive advocate determined to protect their rights and those of their children.

If your divorce requires the division of a large marital estate and the untangling of numerous complex issues related to sizable financial holdings, a Monmouth County high-net-worth/high asset divorce lawyer is ready to help.