Monmouth County Property Division Lawyer

When you go from sharing a life with someone to divorce, you are bound to encounter some grey areas when deciding who gets what. There are assets -- monetary and otherwise -- that you brought into the marriage, and those you and your spouse built together.

When you combine this with salaries, and less quantifiable values like home maintenance, and spousal and child care, dividing property can become even more nuanced.

When this happens, it is important to be strategic in your proceedings. It is best to consult with an experienced Monmouth County property division lawyer, one who can help you navigate this complex life transition in a financially sound way. A knowledgeable divorce attorney in New Jersey can move forward with certain legal strategies to help produce a successful result on your behalf.

Equitable Property Division

Unlike states like California, which subscribe to “community property” standards, the state of New Jersey employs “equitable,” that is, fair, division of all assets. Proceedings are more complex than “I take half, you take half.” In fact, there are 16 different factors the courts will consider when dividing up marital assets and debt. These factors include:

  • Duration of marriage
  • Spouses’ individual economic situations
  • Married couple’s established standard of living

With years of experience and up-to-date resources and technology, property division attorneys in Monmouth County are able to determine and fight for the value of clients’ rightful assets.

Equitable division rules are applied in Monmouth County courtrooms. In many cases, however, Monmouth County property division lawyers can avoid litigation and come to an agreement through mediation and negotiation.

The dissolution of a marriage is often painful and hardly objective, so there are times when a judge will have to put emotions aside, step in and make the ultimate decision. However, many clients are able to come to an agreeable solution on both sides. With skill, patience, and compassion, lawyers can help families move forward.

In cases where clients request litigation, Monmouth County property division attorneys are always prepared to fight aggressively for clients’ needs. Attorneys help clients hold onto properties including:

  • Land and housing
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Family heirlooms
  • Retirement assets

When people planned on spending their “golden years” with someone, it is not uncommon for someone to find themselves at a loss when deciding who controls the IRAs and pensions. A qualified Monmouth County property division attorney can help protect clients’ interests, whether that entails going to court or not.

Pre-Divorce Planning for Property Division

Typically, attorneys urge clients to plan their asset preservation before filing for a divorce. Opening a new bank account is often a great first step. Divorce can get expensive, so it is in clients’ best interest to control their access to their funds by taking it out of a joint account.

Property division lawyers in Monmouth County aim to make the process as painless and inexpensive as possible, so individuals have a strong foundation as they move forward with their lives.

Contact an Attorney

Letting go of a marriage does not have to mean letting go of all of your assets. With an astute, patient, and compassionate attorney, you can protect the objects that mean the most to you.

Whether the value is financial or sentimental, contact a Monmouth County property division lawyer today to begin moving forward with division proceedings.