Monmouth County Religious Divorce Lawyer

When you practice a certain faith, and are devout in that practice, it can be hard to come to terms with the idea of a divorce.

For many, marriage is more than a legal institution, but also a sacred, moral, and religious one. Some faiths expressly forbid divorce and allow only for annulments, citing “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.”

Other practices have always acknowledged divorce as an unfortunate life circumstance, and have strict rules in place for this momentous decision.

To navigate through these difficult circumstances, it will take the work of an experienced and culturally sensitive Monmouth County religious divorce attorney, one who understands and can interpret the nuances of your religious tradition, and align the divorce’s outcome to your values.

A knowledgeable divorce lawyer in New Jersey will want to be considerate of you in this difficult time, honor your faith, and ensure the proceedings are just, according to your faith’s teachings.

Christian Divorce

Divorce can be such a contentious topic among Christians. It was, in fact, the reason for England’s separation from the Catholic church. Nevertheless, Christians are not immune to marital strife, and sometimes this does end in divorce.

For this reason, some Christians may opt for annulments, which are looked upon more favorably by Christian institutions, especially Catholicism.

Monmouth County religious divorce attorneys are happy to assist families in preparing the documentation, if this is the path they take. It can take a great deal of work to prove a marriage should be annulled.

If annulment is not the preferred option, a religious divorce lawyer in Monmouth County can help by:

  • Facilitating peaceable negotiations, according to Christian principles
  • Helping individuals achieve financial security in a fair and honest manner
  • Facilitating agreements around children’s religious upbringing
Jewish Divorce

For traditional Jewish families, divorce goes beyond the Monmouth County courtrooms. For the divorce to be recognized within traditional Judaism, a husband must present a special document to his wife, known as a “get.”

While this sounds simple, the language, delivery, and receipt of this document are subject to very specific rules. Otherwise, it is feared a man may be too quick to divorce his wife.

As families negotiate this complex agreement, balancing with the legalities of child custody and asset division, know that Monmouth County religious divorce lawyers are here to help.

Muslim Divorce

Most Muslim marriage contracts attorneys encounter some facet of Sharia law. Depending on the country and the sect of Islam in which the marriage takes place, Monmouth County courts may not even recognize the marriage as legally binding.

Suddenly, a once dedicated spouse has lost their rights to alimony, because the marriage was bound according to religious law but not state law. Some argue that judges should take religious laws like Sharia law out of the equation.

However, forbidding the courts to consider these circumstances would violate Muslims’ religious freedom, many believe. Furthermore, many Muslim couples who seek divorce want their marriages dissolved in accordance with Islamic law.

With the nuances of religious tradition, and the complex balance of state and spiritual legalities, it can take the work of a skilled Monmouth County religious divorce attorney to help fulfill this wish.

Contact an Attorney

New Jersey is a culturally diverse state; Christians, Muslims, Jews, and members of all faiths deserve proper legal representation as they reshape their family lives.

Additionally, if your spouse is religious, you may wish to enlist an attorney who understands and can argue in the context of archaic and gender-imbalanced traditions.

You do not have to navigate the challenges of modern divorce law or ancient spiritual traditions by yourself. Contact our Monmouth County religious divorce lawyers for help.