Monmouth County Visitation Lawyer

Divorce is a chance to remove oneself from an emotionally unhealthy situation and start anew. Nevertheless, separating from a spouse - someone with whom you imagined sharing your life - can be difficult.

Even more difficult is separating from the children you shared. When one parent is given primary custody of a child, working with a former partner can be challenging.

With the help of an experienced Monmouth County visitation lawyer, however, you can protect your parental rights and see that you maintain an active presence in your child’s life. Contact a family lawyer in Monmouth County to explore your options regarding visitation with your child after separating from your spouse.

Parenting Time

Visitation in Monmouth County, also known as “parenting time,” is an important part of shaping the new family landscape.

Those parents who do not have primary custody, however, are demanding more time with their families. The once common, “every other weekend” arrangement simply will not do.

Whether a mother or father, parents have a right to be with their children and have a say in how they are raised. If a parent wants more time with their children, or feels they are being unfairly denied time with them, a Monmouth County visitation lawyer can help.

Modifying and Renegotiating Visitation

Even if former partners have lived apart for some time, it is worthwhile to revisit the terms of the custodial and visitation rights every so often. The end of a marriage can either be a cause or a result of instability.

As time passes, parents may find themselves in a more physically, mentally, and financially healthy situation, able to more effectively parent a child.

At the same time, the child has grown and they may desire to build a closer relationship with a parent. The courts are obligated to put the child’s best interests first, so their desires may be a powerful factor in renegotiating the terms of scheduled parenting time.

Visitation for Grandparents

Visitation rights are not just for parents. Even if the parent, is unable or unwilling to spend time with a grandchild, grandparents can still be a part of their lives.

A grandparent may go to court if a parent unfairly denies them the opportunity to spend time with their grandchild. Visitation attorneys in Monmouth County are fully prepared to assist in such matters.

Contact an Attorney

Unless you are deemed an unfit or abusive presence in your child’s life, there is no reason you should not have access to them, to hold them, love them, guide them, and bond with them.

An attorney believes a child should have access to both parents as much as possible. You can never have too much love and support. With years of experience and determination, we will see that your child’s interests and your parental rights are protected under New Jersey law.

Do not let the distance grow between you and your children. Do not wait to reconnect with the child you love. Do not think that losing a spouse means you have to lose your child. Contact a knowledgeable Monmouth County visitation lawyer immediately for help.