New Jersey Child Alienation Lawyer

The parent-child relationship can be very difficult but also extremely rewarding. Going through a custody battle is an upsetting situation for most parents. Not only are you fighting for your right as a parent, you are simultaneously being judged by a court that is looking at your parenting skills.

If during all of this, you are also undergoing child alienation it makes a hard situation even worse.The last thing you want is anyone, especially the other parent of your child, interfering with and worsening your relationship with your child. Speak to a New Jersey child alienation lawyer to find out what your options are to fight against this behavior. A skilled child custody attorney can provide you with the necessary tools to address signs of alienation during this time. 

Signs of Child Alienation

It is not always clear when a child is simply adjusting to a new custody arrangement or when they are being alienated from a parent. Some of the most common warning signs are:

  • Child asks intrusive questions that normally children would not be interested in (asking about potential relationships)
  • Irrational anger or blame directed towards one parent
  • Child being aware of adult problems (for example, a child that knows details about child support issues)
  • Refusing visitation or other forms of contact

If a parents child exhibits any one or more of these symptoms, they should examine further to see if their child is at risk of being alienated.

Modifying a Child Custody Order

If there is an existing court order for custody, they may want to modify the arrangement to obtain more time with their child to prevent the other parent from completely ruining relationships. To obtain a modification of a past court order, individuals may have to show that there was a substantial change in circumstances. The substantial change can be the negative decline in their relationship because of the other parent’s constant interference. A New Jersey child alienation lawyer will be able to better provide parents with options regarding modification.

Best Interest of the Child Standard

New Jersey judges are required to apply a variety of factors that will determine what custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child. When it comes to child alienation, there are several factors that can apply to this. The court does look at the parent’s ability to cooperate and work with each other for the betterment of their children.

Another similar factor, looks at whether either parent can adequately follow the custody schedule. However, if the other parent is worried about potential child abuse then they can use that as a defense. Other factors include the relationship between the parent and child, this can possibly include an argument that the relationship was close and has now become strained because of child alienation.

Impact of Quality Time on Alienation

The amount and quality of time spent by either parent before and after the separation will be considered. If the parent initially spent a large amount of quality time with the child and now is not able to because of the other parent it can be a sign of child alienation.

There are other factors that another parent can use as a defense to alienation. The two main ones were if there was a past history of domestic violence or if there are current questions regarding physical abuse of the children.

Call a New Jersey Child Alienation Attorney 

A New Jersey child alienation lawyer can help you find a way to fight this damage in your relationship with your child. If you find yourself facing this type of situation, do not hesitate to contact an attorney right away.