Scholarship for Children of Divorce and Single-Parent Families Winner - Tommy Licato

Tommy Licato is a music therapy major at Temple University. He enjoys acting, singing, and public speaking. Tommy lives with a condition called Tourette Syndrome that causes him to make uncontrollable movements and sounds called tics. He also faces other health challenges that combined make it harder for him to do the work that average college students do. Although life isn’t always easy for Tommy, he is committed to becoming a music therapist to help people with Tourette Syndrome and other neurological conditions.

Upon hearing that he had been chosen as the scholarship winner, Tommy said, "I am honored to be receiving this scholarship. The past year has been challenging to say the least. Therefore, having someone invest in my potential and have faith in my abilities means a lot. I would like to thank Mr. Weinstein, for this honor, and choosing me amongst other applicants to receive this honor. I would also like to say to those children of divorce reading this, to not let anything stand in your way. There are people out there such as Mr. Weinstein who are here to help you, if you put in the work anything is possible."