Somerset County Adoption Lawyer

While the process of adoption can be exciting, it can also be an emotional and difficult time for individuals looking to grow their families. In Somerset County, there are a number of different types and methods of adoption that families can consider.

A Somerset County adoption lawyer will help you be aware of all your legal rights and options throughout the adoption process. Work with a capable family attorney that could help you make fully informed decisions for your family along the way.

Adoption Regulations in Somerset County

The adoption of minor children in Somerset County is governed by the New Jersey Adoption Act, N.J.S.A. 9:3-37 to 56 (the "Adoption Act"). The New Jersey Adoption Act generally focuses on promoting the best interests of the child, while simultaneously ensuring the child remains safe. In accordance with N.J.S.A. 9:3-49, children in Somerset County are even allowed some input as to where they ultimately wish to live, so long as “the child is of sufficient mental capacity to form an intelligent preference regarding the adoption.”

However, while the interests and wishes of the child clearly play a major role in Somerset County adoption proceedings, the New Jersey Adoption Act also ensures that the rights and interests of both the birth parents and adoptive parents are given due regard by the court. A Somerset County adoption lawyer could help protect the rights of adoptive parents.

Types of Adoption in Somerset County

There are several types of adoption cases in Somerset County. In a traditional Somerset County adoption case, an adoptive family will typically seek to adopt a child either domestically or internationally, depending on the family’s personal preference. In cases that involve adoption by a stepparent, the spouse of a child’s biological parent can seek to adopt the spouse’s child.

The same goes for cases involving grandparents. Depending on the scenario, some biological grandparents may be eligible to adopt a minor child or minor children. In cases involving co-parent adoption, domestic parents and same-sex couples may also seek to pursue adoption. Finally, foster parents may also seek to adopt children who have been placed with them through a foster care arrangement.

In accordance with New Jersey’s adoption laws, there are a few ways for prospective parents to adopt a child. Some of these methods include:     

  • Through a traditional or open adoption     
  • Adoption through a private placement     
  • Adoption through the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS)  
  • Adoption conducted without the assistance of an agency
How a  Somerset County Adoption Attorney Can Help

Depending on the method of adoption that a family ultimately decides to pursue, an adoption attorney may help address any issues that can arise. A Somerset County adoption attorney could be by your side to guide you through each phase of the adoption process, answering any questions that you and your family may have along the way.

If you or someone you know is contemplating adoption or has already begun the adoption process, an adoption lawyer can help you meet your needs. Reach out today to learn more about how a Somerset County adoption lawyer can assist you.