Somerset County Alimony Lawyer

On top of being an emotional process to go through, filing for divorce can also involve significant financial concerns. There are various personal and economic issues that may need to be considered and resolved when dealing with divorce, and among the most important in many cases is alimony, also commonly known as spousal support.

If you are filing for divorce in Somerset County and seeking support from your spouse, it is often advisable to consult with an experienced alimony lawyer.

A Somerset County alimony lawyer could provide you with legal advice needed for any questions regarding your obligations or rights to alimony, the different types of alimony awards, various factors that determine the amount of alimony, and modifications to existing alimony awards. Contact a skilled family attorney right away. 

Types of Alimony Cases

As a Somerset County alimony lawyer knows, spousal support is defined as the financial “obligation of one spouse to support the other” either temporarily or permanently. Determining alimony varies by case and can be decided either mutually between the spouses or by the court.                    

In Somerset County, New Jersey, the court may grant one of several different types of alimony: open duration alimony, limited duration alimony, rehabilitative alimony, and reimbursement alimony.

Open duration alimony is usually awarded to a spouse for an indeterminate, or up until that spouse gets remarried. Such awards are usually ordered to spouses separating after a long-term marriage of 20 years or more.

How Does Duration Impact Alimony?

Limited duration alimony is generally awarded to spouses separating from short-term marriages when the court determines the dependent spouse will be generally able to secure employment and become self-supporting. This type of award tends to have a termination date.

Rehabilitative alimony is a type of award for which the dependent spouse must meet certain requirements by submitting to the court steps they will take to gain the education or training needed to rehabilitate their career. 

Following this, a specific denomination of alimony is allocated to support such steps and will be terminated once the dependent spouse is fully rehabilitated.

Reimbursement alimony is awarded to a spouse who made financial contributions during the marriage but cannot fully enjoy the rewards of those contributions due to separation or divorce. An example of such a contribution would be supporting another spouse through advanced education.

Somerset County Alimony Guidelines

Under New Jersey Statutes 2A:34-23, the court may consider numerous factors when determining alimony, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Actual need and ability of the spouse to pay
  • Duration or length of the marriage, as well as the standard of living established while married
  • Age, health, earning capacities, education, job skills, and employability of each spouse
  • Requesting spouse’s length of absence from the job market, or time and cost needed for adequate education/training
  • Parental duties of each spouse
  • Various financial concerns, including history of financial/non-financial contributions to the marriage, equitable distribution of property, any income through investment of any assets, and tax consequences to both spouses
Contacting a Somerset County Alimony Attorney

In Somerset County, as in the rest of New Jersey, the court can modify or terminate an existing alimony award if sufficient proof is provided of a change in circumstances justifying that the previous level of spousal support is no longer needed, such as reduced or increased income or remarriage.

If you are going through a divorce and are considering spousal support, a Somerset County alimony lawyer could provide experienced and valuable assistance. Contact our firm now to learn more about your alimony rights.