Somerset County Family Lawyer

Few matters are as sensitive as dealing with legal disputes involving family. Family law tends to be a very delicate subject, with high emotions often looming over the process and affecting the ultimate outcome. Such a dispute can take its toll on even the calmest and most patient person.

If you are dealing with such a situation and you need legal advice on issues such as divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, child support, or the division of assets, a Somerset County family lawyer could help you. Contact a trusted family attorney to guide you through all aspects of this process all while protecting your best interests and advocating on your behalf.

What Kinds of Cases Could a Family Lawyer in Somerset County Handle?

In New Jersey, matters of family law are heard in front of the Family Division of the New Jersey Superior Court. Some of the more frequent family law cases in the County are matters involving:

  • Divorce
  • Division of property
  • Child custody  
  • Child support
  • For advice concerning any of the matters above, it is often wise to contact a Somerset County family attorney as early as possible in the process.

    Division of Property

    Divorce and the division of property often go hand-in-hand. When a couple decides to get a divorce, one of the first steps in the formal divorce process will be to divide up all of the assets the couple owns. Because Somerset County has adopted the rule known as equitable division, marital assets are not automatically split “50/50.” Instead, a family court will distribute the assets in a way that it deems fair—not necessarily in a way that is exactly equal.

    The factors that a court will use to determine how to divide a couple’s assets can be found in New Jersey Code §2A:34-23.1. They include the duration of the marriage, each person’s income and earning capacity, and any other factors that the court thinks is relevant.

    Child Custody in Divorce Cases

    When family legal disputes involve children, most states—including New Jersey—put primary importance on the child’s best interests. In Somerset County, it is presumed under New Jersey Code §9:2-4 that a child’s best interests includes both parents sharing child-raising duties and custody rights.

    A family court will also look to other factors described in §9:2-4(c), such as the safety of the child, the parents’ employment, the parents’ relationship with the child, and the preference of the child so long as the child is of sufficient age and capacity to make such a judgement.

    Often, parents who are going through a divorce bring up the topic of child support. In Somerset County, both parents are responsible for supporting their children. The state of New Jersey has issued child support guidelines that help determine how much each parent should be spending to support their child.

    Speaking With a Somerset County Family Attorney

    In many respects, family law in New Jersey is more complicated than in other states. Hiring a Somerset County family lawyer who could advocate for your best interests throughout the process may have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Call today if you wish to speak with a qualified attorney.