Termination of Child Support in Monmouth County

If you are a parent in Monmouth County who is either divorced or separated, you probably are familiar with child support, and child support payments. Additionally, if you have a child support payment you are probably aware that there are multiple factors that the court considers when they are establishing a child support amount.

However, you may not be aware of the factors that a court will consider when they are determining if child support payments should stop, and you may also be unaware of factors that can result in the termination of child support in Monmouth County and how either a parent or a child may cause child support payments to stop.

If you are a parent who is paying child support in Monmouth County and have questions about what factors will stop child support, contact one of our experienced Monmouth County child support lawyers today. A knowledgeable attorney can help explain the child support process, as well as file a request to terminate child support.

Parental Factors Causing Child Support to Stop

Parents have an ongoing obligation to provide for their children even after they are divorced or separated from their former spouse or partner.

While it is true that each parent is required to pay a proportional share of child support in order to provide for the child, child support is ordered based on a parents’ ability to provide.

In Monmouth County, there are several factors in a parent’s life that may cause child support payments to stop. Change in custody – in a situation where there is a permanent change in custody, child support payments will cease and or reverse. These include:

A Significant Change in Work

A parent who has experienced a significant change in their work may have grounds for a modification and or a termination of their child support amount. However, it is unlikely that a judge will allow a parent to completely terminate their child support obligation indefinitely.


If a parent becomes permanently disabled and are no longer able to work, this may be a reason for stopping child support in Monmouth County.


Child support payments will cease upon the death of the paying parent. However, in some cases, a child may be entitled to receive child support payments from their parent’s estate.


New Jersey recently amended the emancipation statute N.J.S.A. 2A:17-56.67, so that child support will automatically terminate when the child is 19 years old, however, there are exceptions for young adults who are enrolled full-time in a post-secondary school. However, child support obligations may continue if the child has a physical or mental disability and requires ongoing support.

Factors and Events Involving Your  Child That Cause Child Support to Stop

Most parents who have a child support order will make a payment either to the other parent directly, or they will make a payment through the probation department who will then disperse the child support amount to the other parent.

While a parent with custody of a child will use the child support payments to pay for food, shelter, clothing, and basic expenses it is important that parents realize that child support payments truly belong to the child.

The courts consistently look to see if a child has moved beyond the sphere of influence of their parents, such that it would be inappropriate to order the parent to continue paying child support.

Therefore, there are certain factors or events in a child’s life, which will automatically lead to the termination of child support in Monmouth County. Under N.J.S.A. § 2A:17-56.67, child support payments will automatically terminate if the child does any of the following:

  • Marries – if a child marries, then they can be said to be beyond their parent's influence such child support payments will automatically terminate
  • Joins the military - If a child joins the military or is drafted into the military this will terminate child support
  • Moved out – Traditionally, child support was intended to continue until the child has moved beyond the sphere of influence their parents
  • Death – Because child support payments are intended to benefit the child and not the other spouse or partner, if a child passes away, child support payments automatically terminate.
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