Client Testimonials of the Law Office of Edward Weinstein

Edward Weinstein is one of the last true and caring attorneys in the area. Caring, compassionate and tough all rolled into one.

Dear Ed,
There are no words to thank you for all you have done for me and my son. Before I called you I felt it was a case of "David vs. Goliath." With your perseverance and tenacity we won the war. The compassion that you show for your clients reflects in your work.
Thank you again,
- Karen Licato

Dear Mr. Weinstein,
I would like to say that I am very pleased with my experience with the Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein. I was secure knowing that when I placed a call or sent an e-mail with a question that I would always get a response within a matter of hours. Mr. Weinstein kept my best interests as his primary focus at all times through the emotional divorce process. Although my situation ended up not to be the "average" divorce, I am quite happy with the resolution and know that I did what was in the best interest of my children. In the end, Mr. Weinstein saw me through the process and the entire staff was nothing less than professional with each and every contact that was made.

Thank You,
- Michelle Rossi

To paraphrase an old TV commercial, 'How do you spell relief?' Edward Weinstein!!! Please thank your colleagues as well. They do a great job representing you and your firm!
- Bruce Leininger

Dear Mr. Weinstein,
I was asking for a miracle, and there you were. You guided me through court procedures like they were a walk on the beach. I can't thank you and your kind staff enough. Keep up the good work, I only wish I found you sooner.
- Claudia D. Trommer

Dear Ed,
I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with your services. Thank you very much for your courtesies.
- Pasquale J. Patti

Dear Ed,
In my situation, Edward Weinstein has managed to turn a negative, virtually no win situation for me into a positive situation where the results will be favorable and equitable - he keeps the client calm and the opposition rattled - keep on rattling, Ed!
- Howard Sklar

"Hey Ed,
 I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of my care. I am extremely satisfied with the results. If I need further assistance in the future I won't hesitate to call you.
Thanks Again,
- Joe Torpey

Dear Mr. Weinstein,
I am very privileged to have you as my counsel. Thanks to everyone for all their efforts.
- Eugene Biegelman