Verbal Abuse in New Jersey Divorce Cases

Divorce is never an easy process. It can take a significant toll on many areas of your life. The process is even more difficult when verbal abuse enters the picture. Whether verbal abuse is one of the reasons for contemplating divorce or is a result of your decision to pursue a divorce, verbal abuse in New Jersey divorce cases is a serious issue that can have significant consequences for everyone involved in the divorce.

No matter the role verbal abuse might play in your New Jersey divorce, it is important to understand what your options are in dealing with it and approaching the challenges it presents. Working with an experienced divorce attorney who understands the impact verbal abuse can have can mean that you do not have to face those challenges alone.

What is Considered Verbal Abuse in New Jersey?

Divorce heightens anger and other negative emotions, especially in situations where a divorce is contested. However, anger and negative feelings do not give anyone the right to be verbally abusive toward another individual. In fact, verbal abuse is often a reason for divorce and not just something that results from the divorce process.

Verbal abuse usually includes targeted insults, name-calling, and other attempts at putting the victim down. This behavior can have a significant impact on the individual’s livelihood as it may eventually take a physical, emotional, and mental toll on them.

Verbal abuse is also more than a consistent pattern of being mean to someone. In fact, it is a form of domestic violence in many circumstances. Domestic violence is a serious issue, and courts do not take it lightly. Domestic violence can result in restraining orders and even potential jail time depending on the circumstances of an incident or pattern of domestic violence.

Strategies to Handle Verbal Abuse

If verbal abuse presents a real or perceived danger, then law enforcement can be involved. When possible, it can be helpful to establish solid expectations for communication.

Sometimes being straightforward in an expectation that verbal abuse is not a part the divorce is not enough. When verbal abuse rises to the level of domestic violence, pursuing a restraining order might be the right choice. This can help end harassing phone calls, emails, texts, or random appearances by a spouse engaging in verbal abuse.

Getting Assistance from a New Jersey Divorce Attorney

Verbal abuse in New Jersey divorce cases can be much more than a few harsh words spoken out of anger in the heat of the moment, and it can certainly have a long-lasting effect on anyone involved. New Jersey courts take verbal abuse very seriously, and it could impact your divorce in direct and indirect ways. Exploring your options when it comes to verbal abuse is an important first step in advocating for your rights.

For more information about your concerns regarding verbal abuse in a New Jersey divorce, contact an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer to see how they can help you face the challenges verbal abuse can present along with other issues that may arise during your divorce.