Woodbridge Adoption Lawyer

According to official New Jersey data, the state finalizes the adoption of hundreds of children each year. Bringing a child into one's family can be a joyous experience for both the child and the new parents.

However, the adoption process is often complicated and difficult to navigate, so assistance from an experienced family attorney may be necessary. If you are adopting a child in New Jersey, a Woodbridge adoption lawyer could help you navigate the legal system as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can start a happy life with your new family. Work with a qualified family attorney that could advocate for you.

The Adoption System in Woodbridge

Compared to other states, New Jersey has a very adoption-friendly legal system. It is designed to be streamlined and as straightforward as possible, but sometimes the presence of a Woodbridge adoption lawyer can help smooth any issues that come up during the process.

Birth mothers in New Jersey do not have to identify the father of the child when signing off on an adoption, and the only major waiting period is the first 72 hours after the child is born—after which the birth mother can sign away her parental rights to finalize the adoption.

Only one court hearing is required after this, and it takes place at least six months after the adoption. During this court hearing, the adoptive parents are given a birth certificate that lists them as the legal parents of the child.

What about the Parents' Sexuality?

Issues of sexuality are not used as a basis for discrimination against parents seeking to adopt in New Jersey. In other words, homosexual couples are legally able to adopt children throughout the state and in Woodbridge in particular. Additionally, there is no prejudice given on the basis of marital status. Just as married couples can seek to adopt, so can single parents.

Can an Adoption Be Rescinded?

While gaining an adoption is straightforward in Woodbridge, contesting an adoption that has already taken place is a much more difficult task. The only grounds allowed by the state for contesting an adoption are fraud, misrepresentation, and duress.

In other words, if the birth mother signs off on an adoption, there are only a few ways that she can undo this decision. If she can show that she was made to sign the adoption papers under duress or by force, the adoption can be nullified.

Similarly, the adoption can be undone if the birth mother can show that the adoptive parents committed fraud or misrepresented themselves or aspects of the adoption agreement. However, those are the only grounds on which an adoption can be contested and overturned. Under normal circumstances, adoptions in Woodbridge are meant to be permanent.

Consulting a Woodbridge Adoption Attorney

Though the process of getting an adoption is simpler in New Jersey than in other states, such an important decision often warrants the assistance of an attorney who has experience in these matters and thorough knowledge of applicable laws.

If you are seeking an adoption, a Woodbridge adoption lawyer could give you peace of mind that your interests are being handled in the most professional and efficient way possible. Call today to see what might be possible in your case.