Woodbridge Divorce Lawyer

If you made the decision to end your marriage, consider contacting a Woodbridge divorce lawyer to find out how they can assist you. There are many issues that must be addressed in a divorce and divorcing spouses must adhere to New Jersey dissolution of marriage laws, which can be incredibly complex.

Trying to navigate through the divorce process without a skilled family lawyer advocating for you could result in a negative impact on the outcome of property division, custody, and other important matters.

Defining Grounds for Divorce in Woodbridge

There are two types of divorces a person may be able to file for. A no-fault divorce means that neither spouse caused the end of the marriage. An at-fault divorce means that the actions or behaviors of one spouse caused the marriage to fail.

At-Fault vs. No-Fault Divorce Filings

To file a no-fault divorce the couple must have done either one of two things:

  • Been living apart for a minimum of 18 months before they filed for divorce
  • Had irreconcilable differences for at least six months before the filed for divorce

To file an at-fault divorce, certain grounds must exist. These grounds are established based on the behavior of the offending spouse. There are nine legally recognized reasons why grounds may exist, but the most common include:

  • One spouse deserted the other spouse and has been gone a minimum of 12 months before the filing of the divorce
  • One spouse exhibited extreme cruelty, including abusive and violent behavior
Expectations Following the Filing of Divorce Papers

The amount of time it takes for the divorce process to complete depends on the circumstances of a marriage and what legal matters the spouses must address. However, the state does require that all divorces must be settled within 12 months of filing, although there may be exceptions.

Once someone files, the two parties may need to discuss what type of divorce they want. Divorcing parties may need to determine whether they believe litigation is necessary or whether they believe they may be able to negotiate an agreement between themselves. It could be critical for the two parties to consult with a Woodbridge divorce lawyer right away.

What Agreements Fall Under Divorce Proceedings?

One of the most difficult issues in a divorce is child custody. Decisions must be made regarding both the physical and legal custody of the child. Legal custody addresses who makes decisions regarding the child’s medical care, education, religion. Parents can share joint legal custody regardless of what the decision of physical custody is.

When it comes to physical custody, the child could divide their time with both parents equally or they may live primarily with one parent and have visitation with the other. Whatever the final child custody decision is may determine what the decision on child support will be.

Understanding the Role of Division of Assets

Another important decision divorcing couples may need to make are decisions about the division of assets. Not only do assets and property need to be divided between a divorcing couple, but there also needs to be a division of the marital debts. Since New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, this can make negotiations more difficult. Unlike community property states, where the marital estate is split equally in half, an equitable distribution division is fair but not necessarily equal.

Let a Woodbridge Divorce Attorney Help

Divorce is difficult. Even when a marriage ends on good terms, it may still be difficult to divide assets and reach agreements that represent the interests of both parties. Therefore, it may be important to speak with a knowledgeable attorney.If you would like to find out what your legal options may be for ending your marriage, contact a Woodbridge divorce lawyer to discuss the details of your case and offer guidance on an appropriate course of action for you.