Going through a New Jersey divorce can be a long grueling process. When you allow your emotions to control your actions, you may unintentionally sabotage own divorce proceedings. Procrastination is one way that you can cause irreparable harm to your divorce case and damage to your future life both personally and financially.

Why would you procrastinate? Divorce can be a very painful process and it is only natural to want to shield yourself from that pain. Dealing with negative feelings of sadness, anger and hurt may trigger your desire to sweep the divorce process under the carpet. You may also feel lost in the divorce process and how you want to or even if you can move on with your new life, so it seems impossible to make decisions. While irrational, delaying the process of decisions, especially hard ones, sometimes can seem like a good idea until you feel “better” about the situation.

Procrastination in the divorce process can take on a myriad of appearances. There are many many decisions you will need to make when you begin the process and when you start negotiating with your soon to be ex-spouse. The process can come to a stand-still if you fail to make choices. Your New Jersey divorce attorney is going to need to review lots of personal information and documents related to your case. Financial statements, previous court orders and other documentation are all critical to preparing the best strategy for your success. Failing to answer questions from your attorney or provide necessary documentation can cause great delays. Once your divorce is moving through the legal system, the New Jersey Court with jurisdiction over your case will set a timetable for the process. Appearances, documents, and other information will be required on specific dates. Failing to abide by these deadlines can cost you the opportunity to have certain legal matters settled in your favor and quite possibly financial and emotional security in the future.

Worth noting separately is the irreparable harm done that could be done to your financial picture when the process of divorce is prolonged due to procrastination. As you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse move through the divorce process certain financial agreements can be put in place stipulating how financial matters are going to be handled. But if that is not done quickly there is the possibility of bank accounts being drained, assets liquidated, even property sold. The solution: work with your attorney to move quickly and protect your financial future.

Postponing decisions will only prolong the pain and cause greater stress for you in the future. Dealing with the consequences of procrastination can cause a rush to make decisions, limit your options, and has the potential to cause financial harm with diminishing or disappearing assets while your attorneys fees could skyrocket. A skilled and experiences New Jersey Divorce attorney possesses the compassion to understand the personal strain on you and guide you through the process helping you maintain mandatory schedules while keeping your costs under control.

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