Protecting Your Rights as a Father

Too often, fathers feel they are at a disadvantage when approaching family matters – particularly those involving the custody and care of their children. In the past, many people – including judges – believed the stereotype that mothers were more fit to look after children than fathers. Judges would often unfairly award mothers custody based on this outdated stereotype.

As a father, you have the same right to parent your child as the mother. Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein is here to ensure that your rights are protected.


We represent fathers in a wide range of matters such as:

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Child Custody Cases as a Father

New Jersey’s laws regarding child custody and visitation rights are gender neutral. This means that both parents have the same right to spend time with their children and make decisions for their children.

More and more fathers are seeking primary custody of their children as they become more aware of their rights. That said, many fathers are still unaware that they have just as much right to custody and parenting with their children as the mother.

With all this in mind, Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein wants to help you obtain the visitation or custody you are seeking. Whether you are still in the divorce proceedings and want to protect your rights regarding a custody order or you want to modify an existing order, our New Jersey fathers’ rights attorneys can help.

Child Support Cases for Fathers

Though these feelings are based on outdated generalizations, many fathers still feel they are responsible for being the primary breadwinner, the parent who offers more financial support to the child. In New Jersey, however, both parents are expected to make financial contributions to their child’s care. Our New Jersey fathers’ rights attorneys can protect your rights while navigating child support or support modification cases.

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