Protect Your Future Throughout This Difficult Transition

Divorce can cause devastating ripples in a person’s life. Because two spouses built a life together, sometimes with only one of them working full-time, the consequences for the non-working spouse can require a lengthy period of adjustment. Courts will often grant alimony to that spouse for a specified period of time in order to help them adjust to life on their own. However, sometimes alimony requirements need to be changed. The New Jersey family law team at Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein has experience making these modifications. Let us help you make the changes you need.

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When to Modify Alimony

The purpose of alimony is to help a person with a certain standard of life to be able to continue on that way until they are able to make money on their own. For older divorcees, this is not always possible. In fact, they may even request a modification to gain a higher alimony payment.

Alimony may be arranged when:

  • There is a significant increase to a person’s cost of living, such as with illness or disability
  • One spouse moves in with another person
  • A spouse loses employment
  • A spouse loses a house

Making an Effective Modification

Even with a compelling reason for your request, you will still need the help of an attorney who understands how to make these modifications. When one party stands to lose money, they are likely to fight hard to avoid the change. You may be able to obtain a different type of alimony in order to serve your interests.

In New Jersey, the types of alimony are:

  • Permanent – This is usually awarded following a long marriage where income disparity was high
  • Rehabilitative – Awarded to help a transitioning spouse to obtain education or job training
  • Limited duration – Following shorter marriages, this alimony helps to establish the non-earning spouse within their post-marriage life
  • Reimbursement – If one spouse supported the other throughout their education or job training, they may be able to request this money back

How Law Offices of Edward R. Weinstein Can Help

With over half a century of experience brought to every case we take, our team understands how to calculate the appropriate alimony for your needs and make a compelling case to help you obtain the best possible outcome. Let us evaluate your situation and help you make the right choices for your future.

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