This video is Part-4 of NJ-101.5’s news coverage of the pending divorce of former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, both lawyers prepare for final arguments. East Brunswick Divorce and Family Lawyer Edward Weinstein labels both couple’s position on alimony as, “Beyond Believability.”


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Anchor: The Governor and his estranged wife back in divorce court today as their lawyers deliver final arguments before the judge on whether he should be forced to pay her any alimony.

David Matthau: Jim McGreevey’s lawyer is expected to remind the judge his client is down trodden, deeply religious, and heavily in debt. While Dina Matos’ lawyer will probably say she worked tirelessly to promote her husband’s political aspirations, but was tossed aside like yesterday’s trash when he resigned and now she too is broke and needs to get alimony. Noted divorce attorney Edward Weinstein believes both arguments are flawed.

Edward Weinstein: Because each of their positions are so radically beyond believability.

David Matthau: A final decision by the judge may not be announced for several weeks. I’m David Matthau.